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Town in Sudhanoti, Azad Kashmir
Pallandri is located in Azad Kashmir
Coordinates: 33°42′55″N 73°41′10″E / 33.71534°N 73.6861°E / 33.71534; 73.6861Coordinates: 33°42′55″N 73°41′10″E / 33.71534°N 73.6861°E / 33.71534; 73.6861
Country Pakistan
Territory Azad Kashmir
1,400 m (4,500 ft)
 • OfficialUrdu
Time zonePST

Pallandri (also spelled Palandri) (Urdu: پلندری ‎) is a township in Sudhanoti district of Azad Kashmir. It is located at latitude 33° 42′ 54″ N, longitude 73° 41′ 9″ E, 90 km (56 mi) from Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. It is connected with Rawalpindi and Islamabad through Azad Pattan road. The main tribe of Pallandri is the Sudhan tribe.


Pallandri is divided into two tehsils, Pallandri[1] and Mong, and serves as the headquarters of Sudhanoti jinjahell was the first capital of Azad Kashmir and is about 20 Kilometers away from pallandri, It is at an elevation of 1372 meters and is 97 km (60 mi) from Rawalpindi via Azad Pattan. The district is connected to Rawalakot by a 64-kilometre (40 mi) metaled road.

Educational institutes

A view of Cadet College Pallandri

Cadet College Palandri is situated about 100 km from Islamabad. Its climatic conditions resemble those of Abbottabad. From Islamabad/Rawalpindi, the road passes through Sihala, Kahuta and Azad Pattan. After crossing the bridge on the River Jehlum, the road climbs to a height of about 5000 feet. The College Complex is situated on the south eastern flank of Pallandri town.

Notable people

  • Khan Muhammad Khan, member of the Jammu and Kashmir legislative assembly (Praja Sabha) from 1934 to 1946. Chairman War of Council of Azad Jammu and Kashmir in 1947 and then member of Defence Council. Founder of Sudhan Educational Conference.
  • Sher Ahmed Khan (Late), 4th President of AJK (22 June 1952 – 31 May 1956)
  • Muhammad Najeeb Naqi Khan, Member Legislative Assembly AJK and Health Minister AJK


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