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Sukarno Monument, Palangkaraya
Sukarno Monument, Palangkaraya
Official seal of Palangkaraya
Palangkaraya is located in Kalimantan
Location of Palangkaraya in Kalimantan
Coordinates: 2°12′36″S 113°55′12″E / 2.21000°S 113.92000°E / -2.21000; 113.92000Coordinates: 2°12′36″S 113°55′12″E / 2.21000°S 113.92000°E / -2.21000; 113.92000
Country Indonesia
Province Central Kalimantan
Founded 17 July 1957
 • Mayor Riban Satia
 • Total 2,678.51 km2 (1,034.18 sq mi)
Elevation 5 m (16 ft)
Population (2014)
 • Total 236,601
Time zone WIB (UTC+7)
Area code(s) +62 717

Palangkaraya , is the capital of the Indonesian province Central Kalimantan, also famously known as Central Borneo situated between the Kahayan and the Sabangau rivers. The closest airport serving the city is Tjilik Riwut.[1]

The city had a population of 220,962 inhabitants at the 2010 Census[2] (compared with 158,770 at the previous Census in 2000), with an average population density of 92.1 per km² (Indonesian Population Census 2010 results). The latest official estimate (as at January 2014) is 236,601.

The city was built in 1957 (Emergency Law 10/1957 on the establishment of the Autonomous Region Central Kalimantan Level I)[citation needed] on wilderness that opened through the Pahandut village alongside Kahayan river banks. Palangkaraya is the largest city by land area in Indonesia.[3][citation needed]Most of the area is still forested, including protected forests, nature conservation areas, and Tangkiling Forest.[4]


Cityscape of Palangkaraya with the Kahayan River in the foreground

Kalimantan Tengah (Central Kalimantan) province was established on 23 May 1957. The First Indonesian President, Sukarno, initiated construction of the city of Palangkaraya, the capital of the new province. Initially, Palangkaraya was prepared as the new capital of Indonesia to replace Jakarta; a proposal that was discussed until recently.[5]

The first pillar of Palangkaraya City development was done by the President of the Republic of Indonesia at the time, Soekarno on 17 July 1957 marked the inauguration of the monument to the provincial capital of Central Kalimantan in Pahandut. Then, based on Law No. 21 of 1958 that which was formerly Provincial Capital Pahandut was renamed to Palangkaraya.[6]


Palangkaraya consists of a combination of two words which are from Dayak Ngaju Language and a word of Sanskrit. Palangka (Ngaju) means a sacred site and raya (Sanskrit) means vast, so Palangkaraya means a vast sacred site.[7]

Administrative districts[edit]

Prior to decentralization in 2001, Palangkaraya had two administrative districts, namely Pahandut and Bukit Batu. Now, Palangkaraya consists of five administrative districts: Pahandut, Jekan Raya, Bukit Batu, Sebangau, and Rakumpit.[8]

Kahayan Bridge, Palangkaraya


An aviation academy has been set up by Lion Air.[9]

The future capital of Indonesia[edit]

In 1957, when President Soekarno inaugurated a monument in the place that was then still called Pahandut, he expressed his desire to make the city the new republic’s future capital.[10]


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