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Palaquium oblongifolium - Köhler–s Medizinal-Pflanzen-233.jpg
Palaquium gutta[2]
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Tracheophytes
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Eudicots
Clade: Asterids
Order: Ericales
Family: Sapotaceae
Subfamily: Sapotoideae
Tribe: Sapoteae
Genus: Palaquium
  • Dichopsis Thwaites
  • Croixia Pierre
  • Galactoxylon Pierre
  • Treubella Pierre

Palaquium is a genus of about 120 species of trees in the family Sapotaceae.[4] Their range is from India across Southeast Asia, Malesia, Papuasia, and Australasia, to the western Pacific Islands.[3][5]


Within their range, Palaquium species are mostly found in the Philippines and Borneo. In Borneo, many species are recorded in the Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak.[5]

The leaves are typically spirally arranged and often clustered near twig ends. Flowers are mostly bisexual, though some unisexual instances are known. Fruits are one- or two-seeded with rare instances of several seeds. Palaquium habitats are coastal, lowland mixed dipterocarp, swamp, and montane forests.[5]

Some species, for example Palaquium gutta, are well known for producing gutta-percha latex.[5]


As of November 2013 The Plant List recognises 120 accepted species:[6]

  1. Palaquium abundantiflorum H.J.Lam
  2. Palaquium amboinense Burck
  3. Palaquium annamense Lecomte
  4. Palaquium barnesii Merr.
  5. Palaquium bataanense Merr.
  6. Palaquium beccarianum (Pierre) P.Royen
  7. Palaquium bourdillonii Brandis
  8. Palaquium brassii H.J.Lam
  9. Palaquium burckii H.J.Lam
  10. Palaquium calophyllum (Teijsm. & Binn.) Pierre ex Burck
  11. Palaquium canaliculatum (Thwaites) Engl.
  12. Palaquium clarkeanum King & Gamble
  13. Palaquium cochleariifolium P.Royen
  14. Palaquium confertum H.J.Lam
  15. Palaquium crassifolium Pierre ex Dubard
  16. Palaquium cryptocariifolium P.Royen
  17. Palaquium cuprifolium Elmer
  18. Palaquium dasyphyllum Pierre ex Dubard
  19. Palaquium decurrens H.J.Lam
  20. Palaquium densivenium K.Krause
  21. Palaquium dubardii Elmer
  22. Palaquium edenii Pierre ex Dubard
  23. Palaquium elegans Griffoen & H.J.Lam
  24. Palaquium ellipticum (Dalzell) Baill.
  25. Palaquium elliptilimbum Merr.
  26. Palaquium elongatum Merr.
  27. Palaquium eriocalyx H.J.Lam
  28. Palaquium erythrospermum H.J.Lam
  29. Palaquium ferrugineum Pierre ex Dubard
  30. Palaquium fidjiense Pierre ex Dubard
  31. Palaquium firmum C.T.White
  32. Palaquium formosanum Hayata
  33. Palaquium foxworthyi Merr.
  34. Palaquium galactoxylum (F.Muell.) H.J.Lam
  35. Palaquium garrettii Fletcher
  36. Palaquium gigantifolium Merr.
  37. Palaquium glabrifolium Merr.
  38. Palaquium glabrum Merr.
  39. Palaquium globosum H.J.Lam
  40. Palaquium grande (Thwaites) Engl.
  41. Palaquium gutta (Hook.) Burck
  42. Palaquium hansenii Chantaranothai
  43. Palaquium herveyi King & Gamble
  44. Palaquium heterosepalum Merr.
  45. Palaquium hexandrum (Griff.) Baill.
  46. Palaquium hinmolpedda P.Royen
  47. Palaquium hispidum H.J.Lam
  48. Palaquium hornei (Hartog ex Baker) Dubard
  49. Palaquium impressionervium Ng
  50. Palaquium karrak Kaneh.
  51. Palaquium kinabaluense P.Royen
  52. Palaquium laevifolium (Thwaites) Engl.
  53. Palaquium lanceolatum Blanco
  54. Palaquium leiocarpum Boerl.
  55. Palaquium lisophyllum Pierre ex Dubard
  56. Palaquium lobbianum Burck
  57. Palaquium loheri Merr.
  58. Palaquium luzoniense (Fern.-Vill.) Vidal
  59. Palaquium macrocarpum Burck
  60. Palaquium maingayi (C.B.Clarke) Engl.
  61. Palaquium majas H.J.Lam
  62. Palaquium maliliense P.Royen
  63. Palaquium masuui P.Royen
  64. Palaquium merrillii Dubard
  65. Palaquium microphyllum King & Gamble
  66. Palaquium mindanaense Merr.
  67. Palaquium montanum Elmer
  68. Palaquium morobense P.Royen
  69. Palaquium multiflorum Pierre ex Dubard
  70. Palaquium neoebudicum Guillaumin
  71. Palaquium njatoh Burck
  72. Palaquium obovatum (Griff.) Engl.
  73. Palaquium obtusifolium Burck
  74. Palaquium oleosum Burck
  75. Palaquium ottolanderi Koord. & Valeton
  76. Palaquium oxleyanum Pierre
  77. Palaquium oxyspermum H.J.Lam
  78. Palaquium pauciflorum (Thwaites) Engl.
  79. Palaquium petiolare (Thwaites) Engl.
  80. Palaquium philippense (Perr.) C.B.Rob.
  81. Palaquium pierrei Burck
  82. Palaquium pinnatinervium Elmer
  83. Palaquium polyandrum C.B.Rob.
  84. Palaquium polyanthum (Wall. ex G.Don) Baill.
  85. Palaquium porphyreum A.C.Sm. & S.P.Darwin
  86. Palaquium pseudocalophyllum H.J.Lam
  87. Palaquium pseudocuneatum H.J.Lam
  88. Palaquium pseudorostratum H.J.Lam
  89. Palaquium quercifolium (de Vriese) Burck
  90. Palaquium ravii Sasidh. & Vink
  91. Palaquium regina-montium Ng
  92. Palaquium ridleyi King & Gamble
  93. Palaquium rigidum Pierre ex Dubard
  94. Palaquium rioense H.J.Lam
  95. Palaquium rivulare H.J.Lam
  96. Palaquium rostratum (Miq.) Burck
  97. Palaquium rubiginosum (Thwaites) Engl.
  98. Palaquium rufolanigerum P.Royen
  99. Palaquium sambasense Pierre ex Dubard
  100. Palaquium semaram H.J.Lam
  101. Palaquium sericeum H.J.Lam
  102. Palaquium simun P.Royen
  103. Palaquium sorsogonense Elmer ex H.J.Lam
  104. Palaquium stehlinii Christoph.
  105. Palaquium stellatum King & Gamble
  106. Palaquium stipulare Pierre ex Dubard
  107. Palaquium sukoei C.E.C.Fisch.
  108. Palaquium sumatranum Burck
  109. Palaquium supfianum Schltr.
  110. Palaquium tenuifolium K.Krause
  111. Palaquium tenuipetiolatum Merr.
  112. Palaquium thwaitesii Trimen
  113. Palaquium tjipetirense H.J.Lam
  114. Palaquium vexillatum P.Royen
  115. Palaquium vidalii Pierre ex Dubard
  116. Palaquium vitilevuense Gilly ex Royen
  117. Palaquium walsurifolium Pierre ex Dubard
  118. Palaquium warburgianum Schltr. ex K.Krause
  119. Palaquium xanthochymum (de Vriese) Pierre ex Burck
  120. Palaquium zeylanicum Verdc.


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