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Palasdari is a popular tourist place and a railway junction on Karjat-Khopoli route of Mumbai Suburban Railway. Palasdari name is derived from "Palas" tree and "Dari" means "Vally" in local Marathi language. It is situated on Karjat-Khopoli State Highway No. 35. Palasari has a well known Palasdari dam. It is frequented by people from Mumbai, Panvel and Navi Mumbai particularly during rainy season. The whole area is surrounded by waterfalls and greenery during monsoon.

Palasdari waterfall

One of the attraction of Palasdari is "Math" of Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj Akkalkot situated in a very beautiful place. It is open for the full day (followers only) on Thursdays, ekadashi, aashadhi ekadashi; otherwise it opens after 4PM.

Palasdari is known for its scenic beauty and rough terrain, thorny bushes are in abundance in Palasdari which can be dangerous to reckless travellers. Palasdari has a number of old temples which date anterior to the British Raj in India.

In the village,there's a famous waterfall called palasdari waterfall which is amazing example of nature's beauty. The waterfall is not much hard to climb for a basic trekker, but in the rainy season the path becomes difficult to travel due to heavy waves of water.