Palata River

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Belarus-Junction of Dzvina and Palata Rivers.jpg
Junction of Western Dvina and Palata Rivers
Country Belarus, Russia
Physical characteristics
Main source Russia
River mouth Western Dvina
Length 93 km (58 mi)

Palata (Belarusian: Палата́) or Polota (Russian: Полота́) is a river in Belarus and Russia, a tributary of the Western Dvina river. Rising in Pskov Oblast of Russia and flowing through northern Belarus, it joins the Western Dvina at Polatsk. The meaning of the name is Puolauta and this in the Lithuanian language means 'falling into', i.e., the river which flows into a bigger river.

Coordinates: 55°29′05″N 28°45′21″E / 55.4847°N 28.7558°E / 55.4847; 28.7558