Palau Girona-Fontajau

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Fontajau, during a game of Sant Josep Girona

Palau Girona-Fontajau (Catalan: Pavelló Girona-Fontajau) is an arena in Girona, Catalonia, northern Spain, that holds 5,049 people. It is primarily used for basketball and is the home arena of CB Girona.

The building was designed in 1993 by the architects Esteve Bonell and Josep M. Gil and was opened on September 4th, 1993. It is structured in two levels, one for the public (the high level) and another, of which use is restricted to the sportsmen (the low level), with differentiated entries.

Apart from basketball, it is used also for other sports like Indoor motorcycle trials and tennis matches.

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Coordinates: 41°59′26″N 2°48′38″E / 41.99056°N 2.81056°E / 41.99056; 2.81056