Palau Micronesia Air

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Palau Micronesia Air
Palau 737.JPG
Palau Micronesia Air Boeing 737 at Auckland Airport, January 2005
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Founded September 2002
Ceased operations 23 December 2004
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Headquarters Palau

Palau Micronesia Air was an airline based in Palau. It operated services under the Air New Zealand air operators certificate. It suspended operations in December 2004.[1]


The airline was established in September 2002.[1] In October 2003 Air New Zealand reached an understanding with Palau Micronesia Air committing to provide a range of support services for the new company, including operating its aircraft under the Air New Zealand air operators certificate.[2] Operations started on 5 August 2004. It suspended operations on 23 December 2004, attributing it to high costs and under-performing sales.[1] The first flight was in a leased plane from a Swedish company using experienced pilots from Australia and New Zealand, as well as newly trained Palauan cabin staff. As of August 2005 the website stated an intention to restructure and recommence operations. The airline was locally owned and financed by Palauan businessmen, Alan and Glenn Seid [3]


It served Palau, Guam, Saipan, Micronesia, Australia and the Philippines. It was the first airline to provide direct service between Palau and Australia.[citation needed]


Palau Micronesia Air operated the following aircraft (in 2004) [3]


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