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Palau Soccer League

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Palau Soccer League
Country  Palau
Confederation OFC (associate member)
Founded 2004
Number of teams 5
Level on pyramid 1
Current champions Taj FC
(2012 Fall League)
Most championships Team Bangladesh (3)
Website PFA
2014 season

The Palau Soccer League is the top division of competitive association football in the nation of Palau, founded in 2004 by the Palau Soccer Association. Due to the lack of equipment and facilities, all matches are played in the Palau Track And Field Stadium outside the town of Koror, on Koror island.


A complete list of previous league champions:[1]

Clubs by number of titles

Titles Team Champions in
3 Team Bangladesh 2005, 2006–07, 2012 (Spring)
2 Daewoo Ngatpang 2004, 2010
2 Kramers 2008, 2014
1 Melekeok 2009
1 Surangel And Sons Company 2006
1 Taj FC 2012 (Fall)

Top scorers

Season Top scorer Nation Team Goals
2004 Tony Ililau Palau Palau Track and Field Team 4
2006–07 Tony Ililau Palau Palau Tiger Team 9
2012 Malakai Bitu Fiji Team Bangladesh 10

2004 Source:[2]
2007 Source:[3]
2012 Source:[citation needed]
Note 1: The 2007 leading goalscorers is for records that could be found, final round of results is not known and one further match is recorded only as a draw.


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