Palay Khan

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Palay Khan
پا لے خان
Pally khan Khosti.jpg
Born 1888
Zhob, Zhob
Died 1951, Pakistan
Residence Killi Dehwaal, Zhob
Known for Leader of prominent freedom fighters (Mujahideen) during British rule
Successor Kaatay Khan

Palay Khan Khosti (Pashto: پا لے خان‎), also referred to as Palay Khosti, was a member of the Khosti Syed family of the Zhob. The Zhob Khosti tribe migrated to Balochistan, Pakistan from Khost, Afghanistan.

He was a freedom fighter and commander of the group that fought against the British Raj in 1930, at Balochistan, Pakistan. They later fought at the Baluchistan (a Commissionerate Province). Khosti was living in Zhob when he died on 01/01/1951.[citation needed]

Palay Khan never accepted agreement between his group and the British Raj, against some compensation in favor of the earlier. The British promised him that they would agree to the Tribal Laws as the Constitution and Laws for his land.[citation needed]

Dramatic adaptations[edit]

Quetta, center of PTV, produced the drama series Palay Shah as a tribute to his involvement in the freedom movement. The series had 13 episodes. It was directed and produced by Sajjad Ahmad. 75% of the drama was shot at original locations in Balochistan. Palay was played by Jamal Shah, and Palay's brother Katey Khan was portrayed by Hayatullah Khan Durrani.

Bollywood made a movie Palay Khan, directed by Ashim Samanta and produced by Shakti Samanta.[1]

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