Palazzo Pianetti

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Palazzo Pianetti
Jesi, Palazzo Pianetti (1).jpg
The facade of the palace garden
Location Via XV Settembre 10, Jesi, Italy
Type Art museum, Historic site
The gallery

The Palazzo Pianetti or Pianetti Tesei is a Rococo palace in the town of Jesi, Italy. Presently, it is owned by the town, and the palace and its adjacent building are used as a museum and exhibition site.

The Palace as now seen, was built in 1730, based on designs of Cardolo Maria Pianetti. The elaborate interior decorations with stucco and paint depict a variety of subjects and cycles. They include frescoes on stories of the Aeneid by Placido Lazzarini, the second floor stanza was decorated by the Florentine Bandinelli.


The adjacent building houses the civic picture gallery or Pinacoteca Civica.

The most important works in the collection is a group of works by Lorenzo Lotto, completed 1512-1535 for the churches of S. Francesco al Monte and S. Floriano; these include the large altar-piece of the Deposition (1512); The Madonna of the Roses (1526), the three predellas of the altarpiece of St. Lucy, telling the story of her martyrdom (1532); and the Visitation (1531-35).

As well as the above-mentioned works, the gallery contains paintings by:

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