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Coordinates: 51°09′58″N 1°37′48″W / 51.166°N 1.630°W / 51.166; -1.630


Palestine is a hamlet which lies in the civil parish of Over Wallop, approximately 7 miles (11 km) south-west of Andover, in Hampshire, England.

It consists mainly of fields, farms and a few dozen houses (about 200 residents). Most houses are built in a bungalow style.

The main roads are Streetway Road, Mount Hermon Road and Mount Carmel Road. Recent housing developments have encroached into farming land.[citation needed]

The settlement adjoins the village of Grateley, which has a railway station with hourly trains to London Waterloo.

There is currently[when?] a local campaign to establish a separate civil parish for Palestine, including some parts of Grateley parish.[citation needed] Currently, the parish boundary runs down the centre of Streetway Road, meaning that when a new housing development was built on the north side of the road, the residents on the south side could not officially object, as the development was within a different parish.[1]

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