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The Palestinian Information Center
Type of site
Available in9 different languages
Alexa rank11,295 (US/Global 12/2016)
Launched1 January 1998
Current statusactive

The Palestinian Information Center (PIC) (Arabic: المركز الفلسطيني للإعلام‎) is a Palestinian News website & Network, established first in Arabic language on 1 December 1997, later the English language was launched on 1 January 1998. Other 7 languages followed. It's one of the most viewed website in Palestine , PIC aims to promote awareness about Palestine, the Palestinians and the Palestinian issue .[1]

According to the Israeli scholars Tomer Mozes and Gabriel Weimann, the Palestine Information Center is the leading gateway site in Hamas' online propaganda network of twenty websites. They argue that the PIC's content and news coverage is primarily oriented towards Hamas's ideology and history.[2]

Multi languages[edit]

PIC now in 9 different languages:

  1. Arabic (start on 1 December 1997)
  2. English (start on 1 January 1998)
  3. French language
  4. Russian language – (start in 2001)
  5. Turkish language
  6. Urdu- (start in 2002)
  7. Malay language- (start in 2001)
  8. Persian language
  9. Tamil language- (start in 2017)

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