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For people with the surname Paleta, see Paleta (surname).
A paletería in Denver, Colorado
Type Ice pop
Main ingredients Ice or milk, fruit or other flavoring
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A paleta is a Latin American ice pop usually made from fresh fruit. The name comes from palo, or "stick," and the diminutive ending -eta, referencing the little flat stick frozen into each item; the stores, carts, and kiosks where they are sold are known as paleterías, and the sellers are called paleteros. Paletas can also be found in many Hispanic convenience stores, grocery stores and juice bars.

Paleta flavors[edit]

Paleta flavors can be divided in two categories: cream-based and water-based.

Milk-based flavors are creamy in texture and traditionally include vanilla, chocolate, rum, coconut, pecan/walnut (nuez), mamey, and arroz con leche, which is a type of rice pudding. Ice-based flavors include strawberry, mango, lime, cucumber, dill pickle, Jamaica, cantaloupe, watermelon, pineapple, guava, and tamarind. They are made from juices and sometimes include bits of frozen fruit. Although most flavors are sweetened with sugar, some are not, such as pepino con chile y limón (spicy cucumber with lime).[1]


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