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IU Palette final.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedApril 21, 2017
IU chronology
A Flower Bookmark 2
Singles from Palette
  1. "Through the Night"
    Released: March 24, 2017
  2. "Can't Love You Anymore"
    Released: April 7, 2017
  3. "Palette"
    Released: April 21, 2017
  4. "Dear Name"
    Released: April 26, 2017[2]

Palette (Hangul팔레트; RRPalleteu) is the fourth Korean-language studio album by South Korean singer-songwriter and actress IU. It was released at 06:00 PM KST on April 21, 2017 by LOEN Entertainment under its imprint Fave Entertainment. Palette is IU's first album since Chat-Shire (2015), and her first full-length release since Modern Times (2013).[3]

The album was successful both commercially and critically. It spawned three hit singles; two pre-release singles, "Through the Night" and "Can't Love You Anymore", released on March 24 and April 7 respectively[4][5] and the lead single of the same name, "Palette", released on April 21.

Billboard magazine listed the album at number one on its list of "Best K-Pop Albums of 2017".[6] The album earned IU a MelOn Music Award for Album of the Year, and a nomination for Artist of the Year and won Record of the Year (Album) in the 27th Seoul Music Awards. Palette also won "Best Pop Album" award at the 15th Korean Music Awards.[7]

Title and artwork[edit]

While IU's previous album, Chat-Shire, deliberated the confusion and anxieties of a twenty-three year old, Palette offers the perspective of someone at a more mature stage in life. A body of work that tells the story of self-actualization, the album reads similarly to the final chapters of a bildungsroman where the main character embraces adulthood.[8] In a Naver V-Live, IU stated that:

"The reason why it's titled 'Palette' is that palette caught my attention more than the art itself during art class. It contains various colors and it's beautifully packed in its own unique ways and that became the start of this album."

"Palette is considered as a tool but I believe it could be an art itself. Palette is also similar to me right now. That's also why I put the most effort in the title track 'Palette'."[citation needed]

As such, Palette can be taken to mean the various people in life that one comes across, and their different aspects—appreciating them in a celebratory way. It also refers to the flaws, the accomplishments and the feelings of oneself—and how despite their various "colors" on a palette, they are a work of art all in their own right. This is mentioned in her JTBC interview, where she explains that despite talking about herself, she is also talking about people in general.[9]

The shooting for the album jackets were an extensive process, with IU stating that she had "15 sets" of clothing in one day of shooting.[10] For some of the photos, IU decided to have her in similar poses and shots were taken to that of her previous album Last Fantasy, to highlight the differences in maturity that have developed. Mok Jungwook was the main photographer for the album jacket. He also worked on her previous albums Modern Times and Chat-Shire. Longtime stylist Noh Juhee was also involved, as well as hair stylist Seo Yun, and makeup artist Shin Ae—all of whom have worked with IU since her debut.[11]


Professional ratings
Review scores
The 4058.5/10[12]
IZM[13]3/5 stars
The Star9/10[14]

Palette received mostly positive reviews from critics. Billboard's Jeff Benjamin wrote, "Since her 2008 debut EP Lost and Found that was fully written and composed by hit producers, IU has been on a gradual mission to taking full artistic control of her music. Plus, Palette is proving to be not only a creative accomplishment with it almost entirely written by the young star, but a body of work that reveals what's going on in her head and has rewarded her with new levels of success."[15] Later, the album topped Billboard's "20 Best K-Pop Albums 2017" list. Billboard branded the album "the year's shining example of the power in personal K-pop with a release that employed loads of different sounds and stories to share insight about the star beneath the gorgeous gowns and pristine makeup", and furthermore praises IU for "showcas[ing] the moments of self-doubt, worry and gloom, and then explain[ing] them in the music styles and genres she sees most appropriate."[16] Fuse also listed Palette at number 12 on their list of the "20 Best Albums of 2017", becoming the only Korean release to make the list, and praising her stunning album as making a "major case for the power of personal K-pop".[17] In a review for The 405, Chase McMullen declared, "...the best moments here are when she unburdens the music of others, and simply allows her quest for self-actualization to shine through. This is very much an album of a young adult finding herself, former doubts cast aside for a newfound comfort."[12]


Critic/Publication List Rank Ref.
Billboard The 20 Best K-Pop Albums of 2017 1 [18]
FuseTV The 20 Best Albums of 2017 9 [17]

Track listing[edit]

Digital download[1]
1."Dlwlrma" (이 지금; I jigeum)IUKim Je-hwiKim Je-hwi3:02
2."Palette" (팔레트; Palleteu; featuring G-Dragon)IU, G-DragonIULee Jong-hoon3:37
3."Ending Scene" (이런 엔딩; Ireon ending)IUSam KimLee Jong-hoon4:09
4."Can't Love You Anymore" (사랑이 잘; Sarangi jal; with Oh Hyuk)IU, Oh HyukIU, Oh Hyuk, Lee Jong-hoonLee Jong-hoon3:15
5."Jam Jam" (잼잼; Jaemjaem)Sunwoo Jungah, IUSunwoo JungahSunwoo Jungah, Yoo Sukcheol3:38
6."Black Out"IULee Jong-hoonLee Jong-hoon3:47
7."Full Stop" (마침표; Machimpyo)IUSon SungjeSon Sungje3:56
8."Through the Night" (밤편지; Bampyeonji)IUKim Je-hwi, Kim Hee-wonKim Je-hwi, Kim Hee-won4:13
9."Love Alone" (그렇게 사랑은; Geureoke sarangeun)Lee Byung-wooLee Byung-wooLee Byung-woo4:41
10."Dear Name" (이름에게; Ireumege)IU, Kim EanaLee Jong-hoonLee Jong-hoon4:49
Total length:39:56


Weekly charts[edit]

Chart (2017) Peak
Japanese Weekly Album Chart (Oricon)[19] 96
South Korean Weekly Album Chart (Gaon)[20] 1
Taiwan (Five Music)[21] 1
US World Albums (Billboard)[22] 1


Region Sales
Japan (Oricon)[19] 1,303
South Korea (Gaon)[23] 86,668

Awards and nominations[edit]

Music program awards[edit]

Song Program Date
"Through the Night" Inkigayo (SBS) April 9, 2017[24]
Show Champion (MBC) April 12, 2017[25]
"Palette" M Countdown (Mnet) April 27, 2017[26]
May 4, 2017[27]
Show! Music Core (MBC) style="text-align:center;" April 29, 2017[28]
May 6, 2017
Inkigayo (SBS) April 30, 2017[29]
May 7, 2017
May 14, 2017[30]
Music Bank (KBS2) May 5, 2017
May 19, 2017
Show Champion (MBC) May 17, 2017[31]

Release history[edit]

Region Date Format Label Ref.
South Korea April 21, 2017 Digital download LOEN Entertainment [32]
Various [33]
South Korea April 24, 2017 CD [34]


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