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Paley & Francis
Studio album by Paley & Francis (Black Francis and Reid Paley)
Released October 11, 2011 (2011-10-11)
Genre Rock, roots rock, alternative rock
Length 35:59
Producer Jon Tiven

Paley & Francis is a studio album by Paley & Francis (Reid Paley and Black Francis), recorded in Nashville in September 2010, and released in the UK & Europe on October 10, 2011 on Cooking Vinyl, and in North America on October 11, 2011 on Sonic Unyon.[1][2]

The album was produced by Jon Tiven, and features Reid Paley and Black Francis on guitars and vocals, accompanied by Muscle Shoals legends Spooner Oldham on piano and David Hood on bass.

Paley & Francis debuted live in early September 2011 with club performances in Albany NY, Buffalo NY, and Hamilton Ontario (unannounced), and as one of the headliners of Hamilton Ontario's Supercrawl Festival. The band for these performances consisted of Reid Paley & Black Francis on guitars and vocals, Eric Eble (of the Reid Paley Trio) on bass, and Dave Varriale on drums.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Curse"
  2. "On The Corner"
  3. "Magic Cup"
  4. "Ugly Life"
  5. "Seal"
  6. "The Last Song"
  7. "Crescent Moon"
  8. "Deconstructed"
  9. "Praise"
  10. "Happy Shoes"


  • "What you get is two compelling performers and their songs...The fact that Paley and Francis wrote this album together over the course of three afternoons and then recorded it in two is part of its charm."—Boston Phoenix [3]
  • "...the first full-length collaboration between Reid Paley and Black Francis winds up getting better the more you play it." - American Songwriter [4]
  • "Their voices and dark humor blend wonderfully—Francis' mid-range singing lifts Paley's deeper, more resonant sound, and the former's wit and word play are anchored by the other's irony and sarcasm...every song's a gem." - - Valley Advocate [5]
  • "...a great record from two musicians that sound like they’ve always played together." - - Slug Magazine [6]
  • "Despite the speed with which they were written and recorded the album never feels rushed or half hearted. There is a clear chemistry between the pair and without it they would not be able to pull off an album of this calibre in such a short space of time ...a strangely compelling listen." - - Tape to Tape UK [7]
  • " Paley & Francis their rapport is evident. Many listeners will have high expectations of Black Francis, and they won’t be disappointed." - - [8]
  • "...the songs come from a real place and, stripped of the luxury of endless edits and rewrites, cut right to the heart." - - [9]
  • "’s now been proven that if you stick two prolific songwriters in a hotel suite for a couple of days, they’ll come out with a killer LP." - - Pop Damage [10]
  • Album of the Week - - QRO Magazine [11]

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