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Palfrey is a neighbourhood in the Metropolitan Borough of Walsall, in the West Midlands.

Census 2001 showed the Palfrey ward population of 14,596, which consisted of 7049 males and 7547 females. In the Palfrey ward there are 5113 households with 32.54% owning with a mortgage or loan.[1] The population at the 2011 Census had increased to 16,532.[2]

Palfrey is part of the Palfrey and Caldmore policing neighbourhood area. In this neighbourhood crime increased by 4% for the last 12 months (Mar 09 to Feb 10) compared to the previous 12 months (mar 08 to Feb 09). For crime across the West Midlands there was a reduction of 8% for the same period. 1486 incidents of Anti-social behaviour were recorded in Palfrey between Mar 09 to Feb 10.[3]

In the latest Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) Palfrey was ranked 4,178 out of 32,482 in England, where 1 was the most deprived and 32,482 the least. This is broken down further by income; employment; education, skills; health; barriers to housing and services; the living environment; and crime (England).

In Palfrey along with areas like Pleck and Darlaston South,had more than one in three children affected by deprivation. Walsall maps of income inequalities, based on the most income-deprived fifth of areas,highlight the following wards: Birchills Leamore, Blakenall, Palfrey, Pleck, and St Matthew’s.[4]

The schools in the ward include Palfrey Infants and Junior, Fullbrook Nursery, Joseph Leckie CTC, Whithall Junior and Infants and Delves Junior and Infants.[5] the performance of these schools is available from regular ward walk factsheets conducted by local service providers.

Palfrey has 3 elected councillors: Councillor Mohammad Munir Councillor Mohammad Nazir Councillor Mohammad Yasin.[6]

The word Palfrey, refers to a small simple horse, once used particularly for women. The neighbourhood name of Palfrey was probably created due to a large field kept for the horse.

The Victorian neighbourhood was nearly all replaced by modern housing in the 1970s, but due to funding problems, only a couple of streets were demolished, and replaced with modern housing and a park.

Palfrey Park is significant local landmark and is cited as one of Walsall Council’s flagship greenspaces and the first in the borough to achieve the national Green Flag Award in 2007. The Park is located within walking distance of Palfrey Town Centre and its Broadway West entrance is located off Broadway West (A4148 Walsall ring road). The park has a simple reverse L – shaped layout and is an intimate open space of approximately 6.48 hectares ranging from a formal historical layout in the north dominated by the recently reconstructed historical bandstand and Palfrey horse sculpture created in stainless steel by John McKenna (sculptor) ARBS to the play and sports facilities at the centre core of the park, large amenity grass area to the south and informal nature conservation area in the south west corner of the park.[7]

Palfrey horse sculpture, fabricated in stainless steel by John McKenna

It is home to Walsall's main mosques Abu Bakr, Al Farooq and Aisha, Shah Jalal Mosques, Jalalia Sunni Jami Masjid, Masjid E Usman[8] It has a predominantly Muslim population.

Palfrey has a local sure start Palfrey Sure Start, a range of Asian specialist shops selling Halal meat and catering for the needs of Asian and black people. Coordinates: 52°34′17″N 1°59′34″W / 52.5714°N 1.9929°W / 52.5714; -1.9929


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There are many other attractions in Palfrey including the Walsall Art Gallery. Jalalia Sunni Jami Masjid is at the heart of the Muslim community situated in Bath Road near Caldmore Road. Ghosia Qasmia Trust Mosque & Community Centre i mount street