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Revised Romanization Palgong-san
McCune–Reischauer P'algong-san
Daegu and Palgongsan
Seokguram Buddha grotto

Palgongsan, also Palgong Mountain, is a mountain in southeastern South Korea, lying on an outlier of the Taebaek range. It stands on the northern border between Daegu metropolitan city and North Gyeongsang province (including the districts of Chilgok County, Gunwi County, Yeongcheon, and Gyeongsan). Its peak is 1193 m above sea level.

The mountain is the site of a number of cultural and natural heritage sites. These include Buddhist shrines from the Silla period or later, including the large and active temple of Donghwasa and the Gunwi Triad Budda Grotto (National Treasure 109). In addition, in 927 the Battle of Gong Mountain was fought between Hubaekje and Goryeo forces on the mountain's southern slope.

Natural treasures include the standing stone of Gatbawi, so called from its resemblance to a traditional Korean horsehair hat, or gat.

The mountain, connected to downtown Daegu by bus, is a popular site for weekend outings from the city. Portions of the mountain were designated a provincial park in 1980.

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Coordinates: 36°01′01″N 128°41′42″E / 36.01694°N 128.69500°E / 36.01694; 128.69500