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The Palh (Sindhi: پلهہ‎) are Sindhi tribe in Sindh province of Pakistan and as well as Urdu and Punjabi language is also spoken by palh's. Palh is a Samat tribe in Sindh.


The Palh tribe lives mainly in Miranpur the village in Sindh, Padidan, Kandir Naushahro Feroze District, Palha, Khairpur Nathan Shah, Paat, Dadu District, Kotri, Jamshoro, Ranipur, Kumb, Khairpur, Kandhira, village Kandri Sarif, Village Tarki Turail Sukkur, Jam Sahib, Nawab Shah, Shahpur Chakar, Qasimabad, Hyderabad, Pak Singhar, Tando Allahyar District, Palh Station, Badin, Larkana, Karachi, Quetta Balochistan, Punjab (Indian and Pakistan) and other several countries in the World. The approximate population of Palh tribe is around 29,1452.

The personalities of Palh tribe are; Haji Bachal Palh (late) Social Activist from Pak Singhar, Tando Allahyar District; Haji Idress Palh, (Late) Social Activist and (05) five times elected member of union council Bhanbhri, Ubaidullah Palh (late) ex-Naib Nazim UC Bhanbhri, Rafiq Ahmed Palh Sukkur, Doctor Muhammad Khan, Ali Muhammad Palh Village Gullab Palh Shahpur Chakar District Sanghar; Dr. Niaz Palh,Dr. Haji Ghulam Abbas Palh Kumb, Ghulam Hussain Palh Kumb, Rais Tufail Ahmed Palh Dadu, Abdul Sattar Palh Karachi, Abdul Hakeem Palh (Sindhi: عبدالحڪيم پلهہ‎) Student of Mehran University Hyderabad, Sindh.

The Palh are traditionally agriculturists but with the passage of time they have adopted other mode of living and now they are in every walk of life.

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