Palladius of Antioch

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Palladius of Antioch, Saint Palladius the Desert Dweller (died 390) is an Orthodox and Catholic saint in the Roman Empire. Palladius was a hermit in the desert near Antioch (modern Turkey). He was a friend of Saint Simeon.[1] Palladius died in 390 of natural causes and was canonized in pre-Congregation times.

Saint Palladius the Desert Dweller led an ascetic life in a mountain cave near Syrian Antioch. Because of his struggles, he is said to have received the gift wonder-working from the Lord. Once, a merchant was found murdered by robbers near his cave. People accused St Palladius of the murder, but through the prayer of the saint, the dead man rose up and named his murderers. The saint died at the end of the fourth century, leaving behind several works.

Saint Palladius is commemorated in the Orthodox Church and Eastern Catholic Churches on January 28.

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