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A pallet inverter or pile turner is a machine that is used to turn over full pallet loads of packages or products.[1][2][3] The term pallet inverter is also used to cover machines that turn the palletised load through 90 degrees only.


The reasons for needing to turn over a pallet are varied. The primary reason is have access to the bottom of the load without having to manually unload all of the boxes or bags. If a pallet or slip sheet is damaged. it can be replaced by inverting the load, replacing it, and re-inverting the load. Sometimes a manufacturer simply needs to turn their products to stop their contents settling. In some industries, it is necessary to transfer goods from one type of pallet to another – for example, when plastic pallets are used for on-site storage and wooden pallets are used for shipping.

Some products require rapid freezing immediately after production and packaging. Processes can utilize freezer spacers between each tier of boxes on a pallet: these promote air flow for controlled and accelerated refrigeration. Prior to shipping, these spacers can be removed using a pallet inverter. This rotates the load ninety degrees to allow easy removal and reuse.

Pallet inverters can be built into production lines or be used as a stand-alone product.

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