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Mount Aylmer, August 1994

The Palliser Range (51°23′N 115°34′W / 51.383°N 115.567°W / 51.383; -115.567 (Palliser Range)) is a mountain range of the Canadian Rockies that lies in the extreme southeast corner of Banff National Park.

The Palliser Range is part of the East Banff Ranges of the Central Front Canadian Rockies.[1]

Lake Minnewanka marks the southern boundary of the range while the Bare Range marks the northern boundary. Its eastern reaches are marked by the Blackrock Mountain of the Ghost River Area. The range was named by the Palliser Expedition as it appears on one of the maps produced by the expedition. The range gives the name to the Palliser Formation, a stratigraphical unit prominently featured in the mountains of this range.

This range includes the following mountains and peaks:

Mountain/Peak Elevation
Mount Aylmer 3,162 m (10,374 ft)
Puma Peak 3,120 m (10,236 ft)
Revenant Mountain 3,065 m (10,056 ft)
Apparition Mountain 3,002 m (9,849 ft)
Mount Astley 2,869 m (9,413 ft)

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