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Type Stew
Place of origin Indonesia
Region or state South Sulawesi
Main ingredients Beef or water buffalo meat, broth and spices
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Pallubasa is the traditional food from Makassar, South Sulawesi.[1][2] Like Coto Mangkasara (Coto Makassar), it is also made from offal of cattle or buffalo. The cooking process is similar to Coto Makassar; the offal is boiled for long time. After it is boiled, the offal is added to meat, then sliced and served in a bowl.

What distinguishes Pallubasa from Coto Makassar is its seasoning, which is specially formulated. Pallubasa soup tastes creamy and rich because of the addition of sauteed grated coconut.[1] Coto Makassar is eaten with ketupat, while Pallubasa is eaten with burasa or steamed rice.

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