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Pallurikio Logo.png
Developer(s) Playstos Entertainment
Publisher(s) Playstos Entertainment
Distributor(s) WiiWare, PlayStation Store
Platform(s) Wii
PlayStation Portable
PlayStation Vita
PlayStation 3
Release date(s) 11 December 2009
Genre(s) Action platformer

Pallurikio is an action platform game developed and published by Italian game developer Playstos Entertainment. It was released on WiiWare on December 11, 2009, and on PlayStation Store on July 14, 2010.



There is only one main character, which is Pallurikio, a red bouncing ball controlled by the gamer.

Controls and movement[edit]

Pallurikio can only jump or roll, and these movements are directed using a cursor (moved with the Wii remote or the analog stick of the PS system) and calibrated holding a button to give power to the jump.



Rusty, playing with his friends a mysterious board game, is brought into a parallel dimension and becomes a bouncing ball named Pallurikio. He will try to escape and return to his world sfter clearing all the stages of the game.


The game includes 50 stages, and each of them has unique features regarding:

  • obstacles that can kill the ball if touched, they can be still or moving objects;
  • terrain characteristics, for example unstable places or breakable ones.

Development team[1][edit]

Executive producer - Luca Da Rios

Lead Programmer - Ivan Del Duca

Game Designer - Giorgio Ciapponi

Production - Ivan Piasini

Programming - Simone Balestra, Marco Spasiano

Level Design - Giorgio Ciapponi, Ivan Piasini

3D Art - William Lorenzetti, Fabrizio Dini, Michele De Negri

2D Art - Margherita Premuroso, Elena Redaelli

Audio Design - Davide Pensato (dpstudios)

Music - Stefano Palmonari

Localization - Gabriele Baldissera, Giorgio Ciapponi


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