Palm Island, Aruba

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Palm Island is a small private island near Aruba, Kingdom of the Netherlands, serving as a tourist attraction.

The island is a 5-minute ferry ride from the mainland. The island includes a small beach and a water park.[1]


The beach area extends a short distance into the ocean. It is forbidden to go far out from the beach, to protect both people and life in the sea.

Blue Parrotfish Water Park has water-slides and a little pool. The island has an "all-you-can-eat" buffet[2] beverage, and giftshops.[3]

Snorkeling is one of the main activities[4] on the island, as many of Aruba's many species of fish exist here, including the Blue parrotfish. It is forbidden to fish or remove any wild animals from the island. Due to this strict rule, the fish that swim in the shallows are used to the presence of people, and are not easily scared by human activity.


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Coordinates: 12°28′11″N 69°59′05″W / 12.469677°N 69.984606°W / 12.469677; -69.984606