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Palm Springs Walk of Stars

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Stars on the Walk of Stars at the Village Green Heritage Center

The Palm Springs Walk of Stars is a walk of fame in downtown Palm Springs, California, where "Golden Palm Stars", honoring various people who have lived in the greater Palm Springs area, are embedded in the sidewalk pavement. The walk includes portions of Palm Canyon Drive, Tahquitz Canyon Way, La Plaza Court and Museum Drive. Among those honored are presidents of the United States, showbusiness personalities, literary figures (authors, playwrights, screenwriters), pioneers and civic leaders (early settlers, tribal leaders, civic personalities), humanitarians and Medal of Honor recipients.[1][2][3]

The Palm Springs Walk of Stars was established in 1992 by Gerhard Frenzel and Barbara Foster-Henderson. The first induction ceremony was held on February 26, 1992 and included Walk of Fame chairman Johnny Grant. The first five Golden Palm Stars were dedicated to Earle C. Strebe, William Powell, Ruby Keeler, Charles Farrell and Ralph Bellamy.[4]: 13  In May 2017, the Walk of Stars and the city of Palm Springs announced a temporary suspension on installing new stars while they reviewed the selection criteria.[5] Additions resumed later that year.[6]


Medal of Honor recipients[edit]

Five Medal of Honor recipients from the Coachella Valley were honored during the 1999 Veterans Day holiday.[7]

Former presidents[edit]

These former presidents of the United States lived in the Palm Springs area after their retirement.


Palm Springs has been famous as a winter resort and second-home community for personalities in showbusiness. These honorees include actors, performers, directors, producers and cinematographers of film, radio, stage and television.

Pioneers, civic leaders and other contributors[edit]

Early pioneers and other contributors to the community are also honored.


These honorees include authors, playwrights, screenwriters, singers, composers and musicians.

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