Palm V

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Palm V
Palm V.JPG
Manufacturer Palm Computing, a division of 3Com
Type Bar PDA
Release date February 1999
Operating system Palm OS 3.1
CPU Motorola DragonBall EZ MC68EZ328 16 MHz
Storage 2 MB RAM
Display 3.2", 160x160 px backlit monochrome STN, 16-grayscale LCD touchscreen
Input Touchscreen
Camera None
Connectivity IrDA, RS-232
Power Built-in rechargeable Li-Ion battery
Dimensions 80mm x 115mm x 10mm
Weight 115 g (4.1 oz)
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The Palm V was a personal digital assistant made by the Palm Computing division of 3Com. While functionally similar to the predecessor Palm III series of PDAs, it distinguished itself by its sleek design, anodized aluminum finish, and built-in rechargeable battery (the first for a Palm device). The Palm V's design was created by design firm IDEO. The Palm V series was succeeded by the Palm m500 series.



If the battery contacts at the back of the unit were short circuited, then all of the data stored at the device was erased, because the data was held in a kind of memory that required power for retaining the data. Enthusiasts were able to fix that issue by adding a diode to one of the battery contacts, so that during the charging of the device the diode was open, but during the short-circuit, the diode blocked the short circuiting current.

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