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Palm stearin is the solid fraction of palm oil that is produced by partial crystallization at controlled temperature.[1]

It is more variable in composition than palm olein, the liquid fraction of palm oil, especially in terms of its solid fat content, and therefore has more variable physical characteristics.[2]p. 34 Like crude palm fruit oil, palm stearin contains carotenoids, but physically refined palm oils do not, as they are removed or destroyed in the refining process.[2]p. 37


It is a useful source of natural hard vegetable fat for food applications.[1]


Palm stearin consists of mostly glyceryl tripalmitate, with most of the rest of the fat content being glyceryl dipalmitate monooleate.[3]

In terms of fatty acid composition, a typical soft palm stearin might contain almost 50% palmitic acid and 35% oleic acid.[2]p. 31


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