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Iglesia Palmares Costa Rica.jpg
Flag of Palmares
Official seal of Palmares
Location of Palmares Canton in Alajuela Province
Location of Palmares Canton in Alajuela Province
Country Costa Rica
Province Alajuela
 • Total 38.06 km2 (14.70 sq mi)
Population (June 2013)
 • Total 37,471
 • Density 980/km2 (2,500/sq mi)

Palmares is the seventh canton in the Province of Alajuela in Costa Rica.


The canton covers an area of 38.06 million km²,[1] and has a population of 37,471.[2]

The capital city of the canton is also called Palmares.


The canton encompasses a circular area with the city of Palmares at its center. The Montes de Aguacate (Avocado Mountains) establish the boundary on the canton's southwestern edge and the Río Grande (Great River) delineates the boundary on its north and northeast sides.


Composition of the canton

The Canton of Palmares is subdivided into seven districts (distritos):[3]

  1. Palmares
  2. Zaragoza
  3. Buenos Aires
  4. Santiago
  5. Candelaria
  6. Esquipulas
  7. La Granja (Granja)


The first settlers in what today is Palmares are believed to have arrived in 1835 from the cities of Alajuela and Belen, looking for land where to cultivate tobacco and other products.


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Coordinates: 10°02′54″N 84°26′28″W / 10.04833°N 84.44111°W / 10.04833; -84.44111