Palmgrove National Park

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Palmgrove National Park
Black-breasted Button-quail male inskip.JPG
The park is an important site for black-breasted buttonquails
Palmgrove National Park is located in Queensland
Palmgrove National Park
Palmgrove National Park
Nearest town or cityMoura
Coordinates24°55′35″S 149°24′56″E / 24.92639°S 149.41556°E / -24.92639; 149.41556Coordinates: 24°55′35″S 149°24′56″E / 24.92639°S 149.41556°E / -24.92639; 149.41556
Area256 km2 (98.8 sq mi)
Managing authoritiesQueensland Parks and Wildlife Service
See alsoProtected areas of Queensland

Palmgrove is a national park in south-central Queensland, Australia. It lies about 185 km north-north-east of Roma and 458 km north-west of Brisbane. It is listed as a National Park (Scientific) under the Nature Conservation Act 1992, so giving it the highest level of protection possible under the Act. It was established in order to protect species and ecosystems of exceptional scientific value.[1] It is located within the Dawson River catchment area.[2]


Palmgrove lies in moderately dry, dissected sandstone country. The vegetation includes a variety of eucalypt woodland and forest communities as well as vine and Acacia thickets. The area is rugged and isolated; access is difficult and the park is not open to the general public.[1]

Flora and fauna[edit]

Threatened ecosystems present in the park include:[1]

Northern quolls have been recorded in the park.[1]

Important Bird Area[edit]

The park has been identified by BirdLife International as an Important Bird Area (IBA) because it supports an isolated, and the westernmost, population (over 10 pairs) of black-breasted buttonquails, listed as vulnerable. The rare and threatened ecosystems contained in the park are buttonquail habitat.[3] Glossy black cockatoos, also considered to be vulnerable, are present.[1]

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