Palmovka (Prague Metro)

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Entrance to Palmovka metro station

Palmovka (Czech pronunciation: [ˈpalmofka]) is a Prague Metro station on Line B and also a neighborhood and a street in Libeň (Prague 8). The first metro entrance connects the station with the tram lines, the other one connects the station to a bus terminal.

The station was opened on 22 November 1990 as part of the extension from Florenc to Českomoravská.[1] The station was dug by a cut-and-cover method. The station is 203 m long with a 10 m wide platform without columns and has two entrances that are connected to the platform by escalators.

The name of the station and adjacent neighbourhood derives from the Palm's homestead, from the family name of the 18th-century owners of the homestead, which have already disappeared under the new development.[2]


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Coordinates: 50°06′14″N 14°28′30″E / 50.10389°N 14.47500°E / 50.10389; 14.47500