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Palmy in 2017
Background information
Birth nameEve Pancharoen
Born (1981-08-07) 7 August 1981 (age 37)
Bangkok, Thailand
GenresPop rock
Years active2001–present
LabelsGenie Record

Eve Pancharoen (Thai: อีฟ ปานเจริญ; 7 August 1995), well-known by her stage name Palmy (Thai: ปาล์มมี่), is a Thai Belgian pop singer who has recorded and released several albums including concert DVDs on the GMM Grammy label beginning with her self-titled solo debut, Palmy, in 2001. Palmy has explored a variety of popular music styles on each of her four solo albums, and has collaborated with the Thai ska band T-Bone to create experimental renditions of her hits (see Flower Power Concert and The Acoustic Album.) Though her solo recording was Beautiful Ride in 2006, she has continued to perform live with T-Bone, and has appeared as a guest vocalist at other concerts and music festivals. She is primarily successful in Asian countries (especially Korea, Japan, Thailand and Singapore), but she has also performed in Australia and the UK.


Early years[edit]

Palmy was born Eve Pancharoen on 7 August 1981 to a Thai mother and a Belgian father. She was raised for 12 years in Bangkok and then moved to Sydney, Australia for five years. Palmy returned to Bangkok when she was 18 years old. Palmy became interested in music while she was studying her primary level at Pra Mae Marie (St. Louise) – a Catholic school- in Bangkok. She was selected as a guitarist of music band of the school for two years. After moving to Sydney, Palmy attended Holy Cross College to study music and art. Palmy used singing as a medium to practice her English at that time. Palmy also took singing lessons at Australian Institute of Music to improve her singing skills. She was a solo singer for school graduation concert with her close friend playing classical piano at her school's church. It was surprising for those attending the concert and they convinced that she should have a career in music industry. Palmy realized that she was passionate about music and that she wanted to become a professional singer.

Return to Thailand[edit]

Palmy returned to Thailand with a determination to be a professional singer. She went for an audition at GMM Grammy. With her unique talent, Palmy signed the contract with GMM Grammy in 2000. Palmy released her first album 'Palmy' in December 2001 which made a total hit. Palmy became a well-known artist in a very short time from her first released single 'Yak Rong Dang Dang'. It was Palmy's official start in Thai music industry. Her tracks top many music charts. With this enormous success beyond expectation, Palmy had her first concert organized by GMM Grammy on 7 April 2002.

Music career[edit]

Besides her achievements of the three solo albums, Palmy has performed in several occasions overseas such as Japan, Korea, Singapore, England and Australia. Palmy was the only Thai artist performing at MTV's Asia Awards 2003 in Singapore. Palmy also held 2 big concerts in Japan: Palmy's first Live in Japan at Shibuya O-East, Tokyo on 10 June 2004 and Palmy Live in Tokyo Vol. 2 on 13 November 2006. Palmy also performed at RHB Singapore Cup Final at Singapore National Stadium and again in Singapore, she performed at Euphoria 2004 in the same event as Michael Learns to Rock and All4One. In addition, Palmy was chosen as the only Thai artist performing at "Asia Song Festival" at the Olympics Park, Seoul Korea. She held 'Palmy Live Concert in London 2006 at Indigo O2 Arena and in 2007, Palmy performed Palmy's First Live at Sydney Concert at The Metro Theatre.


  • 2001 Most Popular New Artist, Channel [V] Thailand Music Video Awards 2001
  • 2002 Female Singer, Elle Style Awards 2002 Elle (Thailand) Magazine
  • 2002 Best of Thai Female Pop Song, Music Society of Thailand
  • 2002 "Best Female Pop Singer – Golden Ganesha Award", Music Society of Thailand under the Royal Patronage
  • 2002 "Best Thai Female Music Video Award (Yak Rong Dang Dang)", Channel [V] Thailand Music Video Awards
  • 2002 Best Female Singer for National Youth, National Youth Bureau (NYB)
  • 2003 Best Female Singer for National Youth, National Youth Bureau (NYB)
  • 2003 Best Female Singer, Sea-Son Award
  • 2003 "Best Female Artist", Kom Chad Luek Awards
  • 2003 Best Thai female Music Video (Pood Mai Tem Pak), Channel [V] Thailand Music Video Awards III[1]
  • 2004 "Female Artist of The Year" from Album "Stay", Fat Awards#2 (Fat radio Fm 104.5)
  • 2004 "MGA Top Selling Newcomer", MGA Hall of Fame Awards
  • 2006 "Popular Vote Female Artist", Virgin Hitz Awards ( Virgin hitz Fm95.5)
  • 2007 " Female Artist of The Year ", From Album" Beautiful Ride", Fat Awards#5 (Fat Radio Fm 104.5)
  • 2011 "Seventeen Music female Artist" Seventeen Teen Choice Awards 2011[2]
  • 2011 "No.1 Music Chart Monthly Award 2011( August2011) " KID MARK" Song (เพลง คิดมาก), Intensive watch Award [3]
  • 2011 " Best Female Artist " 10th HAMBURGER: THE DECADE OF FAME (Hamburger Magazine)
  • 2012 "Favorite Female Artist" You2play Award 2011 [4]
  • 2012 " Best Female Artist " 1st Decade Anniversary Awards 2011 ( The Guitar Magazine) [5]
  • 2012 " Best Female Artist of the Year " Seed Awards#7 ( SEED Fm 97.5)
  • 2012 " Best Female Artist " Siamdara Stars Awards 2012 [6]
  • 2012 " Female Artist of the year " From Album" Five" Fat Awards#10 (Fat radio Fm 104.5) [7]



The music from her self-titled debut album, Palmy was released on 21 December 2001.

The album contains ten songs :-[8]

  1. "Yark rong dang dang" (อยากร้องดังดัง)
  2. "Yoo tor dai reu plow" (อยู่ต่อได้หรือเปล่า)
  3. "Paed mong chao wan ang kan" (แปดโมงเช้าวันอังคาร)
  4. "Kao leum" (เขาลืม)
  5. "Tob tuan" (ทบทวน)
  6. "Klua" (กลัว)
  7. "Peun tee suan tua" (พื้นที่ส่วนตัว)
  8. "San sa bai" (แสนสบาย)
  9. "Fah song chan ma" (ฟ้าส่งฉันมา)
  10. "Fan dee kae mai kee keun" (ฝันดีแค่ไม่กี่คืน)


"Her second album, Stay, was released on 29 July 2003. On this album, she has a guest artist, Jug Chawin Chitsomboon (Thai: จั๊ก ชวิน จิตสมบูรณ์), who wrote and played the acoustic guitar in the song "Stay".

The ten songs on this album are:-[9]

  1. "Tam pen mai tak" (ทำเป็นไม่ทัก)
  2. "Pood mai tem pak" (พูดไม่เต็มปาก)
  3. "Trid sa dee" (ทฤษฎี)
  4. "Chuay ma rub chan tee" (ช่วยมารับฉันที)
  5. "Ched ta na" (เจตนา)
  6. "Kra dod keun fah" (กระโดดขึ้นฟ้า)
  7. "Prung née art mai mee chan" (พรุ่งนี้อาจไม่มีฉัน)
  8. "Kor pai kon diaw" (ขอไปคนเดียว)
  9. "Ni tan" (นิทาน)
  10. "Stay"

Beautiful Ride[edit]

The third album, 3 years after the second one, was released on 6 June 2006. After struggling with the old production team, Palmy had a new production team and spent almost 2 years to produce the album.

The ten songs on the album are:-[10]

  1. "Tick Tock"
  2. "Ooh!"
  3. "Kwam cheb puad" (ความเจ็บปวด)
  4. "Rong hai ngai ngai kab ruang derm derm" (ร้องไห้ง่ายง่ายกับเรื่องเดิมเดิม)
  5. "Mai mee kam cham kad kwam" (ไม่มีคำจำกัดความ)
  6. "Chak kan trong née" (จากกันตรงนี้)
  7. "Kun chae tee hai pai" (กุญแจที่หายไป)
  8. "Ploy" (ปล่อย)
  9. "Mai mee krai chok rai ta lod" (ไม่มีใครโชคร้ายตลอด)
  10. "Neung na tee" (หนึ่งนาที) ["Just One Minute"]

Palmy meets T-bone[edit]

This album is a cooperation of Palmy and T-bone, a Thai reggae band.

The twelve songs on the album are:-[11]

  1. "Tick Tock"
  2. "Ooh!"
  3. Stay
  4. "Kwam cheb puad" (ความเจ็บปวด)
  5. "Kun chae tee hai pai" (กุญแจที่หายไป)
  6. "Klua" (กลัว)
  7. "Tob tuan" (ทบทวน)
  8. "Pood mai tem pak" (พูดไม่เต็มปาก)
  9. "Prung née art mai mee chan" (พรุ่งนี้อาจไม่มีฉัน)
  10. "Rong hai ngai ngai kab ruang derm derm" (ร้องไห้ง่ายง่ายกับเรื่องเดิมเดิม)
  11. "Yark rong dang dang" (อยากร้องดังดัง)
  12. "Yoo tor dai reu plow" (อยู่ต่อได้หรือเปล่า)

Palmy 5[edit]

Palmy 5, her fourth album, was released on 9 December 2011.[12]

The ten songs on the album are:-[13]

  1. "Rockstar syndrome"
  2. "Ka Ka Ka" (กา กา กา)
  3. "Kid mark" (คิดมาก)
  4. "Shy boy"
  5. "Crush feat. Erlend Øye" Erlend Øye"
  6. "Cry Cry Cry"
  7. "Toong see dum" (ทุ่งสีดำ)
  8. "Nalika reun kao" (นาฬิกาเรือนเก่า)
  9. "Butterfly"
  10. "Private sky (demo version)"


Palmy's Life Concert[edit]

This is the first concert in her life, her debut. After her tracks were the no.1 on so many music charts, the tickets were sold out within an hour. The concert was at Thammasat university auditorium at Tha-prachan campus on 7 April 2002.

Under the concept Palmy's life, After the concert, she became such a trend-setter. Palmy had a big influence on lifestyle, clothes, songs for fans.

Stay with Me[edit]

After her 2-year pause, she came back and had her second concert at Impact Arena. Most songs played in this concert were from her second album.

The name of this concert means she was still in music industry.

Palmy in the Candle Light Concert[edit]

A romantic concert under hundreds candles' light, she was the most artistically beautiful artist of the era. It took place at Vachirabenchatat Park (known as Rot fai Park). This concert was in May in the same year with the Stay with Me concert and she invited 'Pu Anchalee Jongkadeekij' – one of the greatest Thai rock artists in the '90s – as her guest.

The Rhythm of the Times[edit]

This concert was held at the IMPACT Arena, 11,000 seating capacity concert hall, located in Bangkok, Thailand on 5 August 2006. Special guests included T-Bone and Sena-Hoi.

Palmy Meets T-Bone in Flower Power Concert[edit]

Held in the smaller and more intimate Moon Star Studio located in Bangkok, Thailand on 2 and 3 June in 2007, Palmy with T-bone performed remixed versions of her popular songs putting a unique reggae and ska. Palmy also delivered a standout performance with her cover of "Leaving on a Jet Plane" by John Denver. Special guest, Peter Corp Dyrendal, appeared to perform a song with T-Bone and Palmy.

Palmy Ka Ka Ka Concert[edit]

After been on the break for the last 5 years . She is back showing her Album concert and she invited special guest that she invited to sing one of the songs in the album Erlend Øye (Kings of Convenience one of an indie folk-pop duo from Bergen, Norway), Hugo (ฮิวโก้ จุลจักร จักรพงษ์) and Sena Hoi (เสนาหอย เกียรติศักดิ์ อุดมนาค) take place at Impact Arena on January 28 and 29, 2012

Palmy performing with others[edit]

Palmy is not often seen in general public events. However, she chooses to perform with selected artists she admires.

Micro's 'Put the Right Hand in the Right Concert (คอนเสิร์ตตำนานมือขวา)[edit]

This concert of Micro – a famous rock band – was held at Impact Arena, Bangkok on 12–14 December 2003. Palmy was also a featured guest.

Bird Son Bird Sek Concert (คอนเสิร์ตเบิร์ดซนเบิร์ดเสก)[edit]

Thongchai McIntyre or Bird Thongchai is all-time Thai pop singer along with Seksan Sukpimai (Sek Loso), rock & roll singer and songwriter held their concert for special album on 5–6 June 2004 at Impact Arena. Palmy was also a guest performing in this concert.

Hug Siaw Concert (คอนเสิร์ตฮักเสี่ยว)[edit]

A country song artist, Poo Pongsit Kumpee, invited Palmy to his concert held at the Main Auditorium, Thammasat University, Tha-Prachan on 22 November 2008.

Groove My Dog Unplugged Concert[edit]

Palmy performed with Moderndog – the famous Thai alternative band – and Groove Riders – the famous disco band, on 26 December 2008 at Thunder Dome Muang Thong Thani.

Touch Me Concert[edit]

Neung Jakkawal Saothongyuttithum, one of the top pianists in Thailand, also invited Palmy to perform in his concert on 15 August 2009 at Indoor Stadium, Hua Mak.

Moderndog 5-3-15 Concert[edit]

Palmy was invited as a guest for the alternative band, Moderndog's 15-year anniversary concert on 2–3 October 2009.

Asa Sanook Encore Plus Concert[edit]

Palmy was invited as a guest for Bird Thongchai McIntyre, for his Asa Sanook Encore Plus Concert, in August 2011.

Hugo Under City Lights Concert[edit]

Palmy was invited as a guest for Hugo, for his Under City Lights Concert, in October 2015. She performed "Hailstorms", "Ring of Fire" in duet with Hugo, and "Wake Alone" solo.


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