Palo Verde Mountains

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Palo Verde Mountains
Palo Verde Mountains is located in California
Palo Verde Mountains
location of Palo Verde Mountains in California [1]
Highest point
Elevation285 m (935 ft)
CountryUnited States
DistrictImperial County
Range coordinates33°21′3.113″N 114°49′43.865″W / 33.35086472°N 114.82885139°W / 33.35086472; -114.82885139Coordinates: 33°21′3.113″N 114°49′43.865″W / 33.35086472°N 114.82885139°W / 33.35086472; -114.82885139
Topo mapUSGS Palo Verde Peak

The Palo Verde Mountains are a mountain range in northeastern Imperial County, California.[1] They are located along the west side of the Colorado River in the Lower Colorado River Valley and Colorado Desert. Palo Verde Peak, which rises to about 1,800 feet in the southern portion, is the highest point in the area. Thumb Peak stands to the north. Clapp Spring, a palm oasis, is located east of Thumb Peak. Clapp Spring is the only permanent water source in the area for wildlife species.[2]


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