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Palombia flag.JPG
Flag of Palombia
Spirou et Fantasio location
Other name(s) United States of Palombia
Estados Unidos de Palombia
Created by André Franquin
Genre Fictional
Type Democracy under military dictatorship
Ethnic group(s) Spanish
Notable locations Chiquito (capital)
Population 227 895 (1959)
Motto La Patria Vive ("The Homeland Alive")
Language(s) Spanish
Currency Palombian palombo

Palombia is a fictitious South American country described in the Belgian Spirou et Fantasio and Marsupilami comic book stories as the birthplace and native habitat of Marsupilami. The name is a portmanteau of Paraguay and Colombia. In French, Palombie is especially a word game between Colombie, Colombe and Palombe. The country is described as "the smallest country in Latin America",[1] and, based on its description, lies roughly within the borders of real-world Venezuela and Colombia.[1]


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