Palomino Hills (MVTA station)

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Palomino Hills
Coordinates 44°45′53″N 93°13′11″W / 44.76462°N 93.21975°W / 44.76462; -93.21975Coordinates: 44°45′53″N 93°13′11″W / 44.76462°N 93.21975°W / 44.76462; -93.21975
Owned by Minnesota Valley Transit Authority
Line(s) (planned)
Connections 440, 476, 477, 480A
Disabled access Yes
Opened 1993 (as park and ride)
Preceding station   Metro   Following station
Red Line

Palomino Park & Ride is a transit facility located in the northern vicinity of Apple Valley, Minnesota, United States. The park and ride lot has 304 parking spaces and is located next to Palomino Hills Park.[1] The location had been considered for a station along the Cedar Avenue Bus Rapid Transitway, now known as the Red Line, but it has been dropped from the initial phase of the project.

According to Metropolitan Council bus stop data, the park-and-ride lot was established in 1993.[2] The lot is shared with the adjacent Christus Victor Church. Buses pick up passengers along Pennock Avenue, a road that parallels Cedar Avenue/Minnesota State Highway 77 just to the west.

Bus connections[edit]

  • Route 440
  • Route 476
  • Route 477
  • Route 480A

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