Palomino Islands (Peru)

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Palomino Islands
Islas Palomino  (Spanish)
Aves marinas Islas Palomino.jpg
Seabirds at the Palomino Islands (Callao)
Palomino Islands is located in Peru
Palomino Islands
Palomino Islands
Location Pacific Ocean
Coordinates 12°07′45.8″S 77°13′59.9″W / 12.129389°S 77.233306°W / -12.129389; -77.233306Coordinates: 12°07′45.8″S 77°13′59.9″W / 12.129389°S 77.233306°W / -12.129389; -77.233306
Region Callao
Additional information
Time zone

The Palomino Islands (Spanish: Islas Palomino), also called Palominos Islets are a group of small islands off the coast of Callao, Peru. Home to a large population of seal lions and seabirds, it has become a popular tourist area.


The archipelago consists of four small islets located 6 miles west of the port city of Callao, at the western coast of San Lorenzo Island.


The islands make up a tourist area where it can see a significant amount of sea lions living in its natural habitat. The islands are home to large colonies of seabird. In its coasts can be found gulls, guanayes, zarcillos, boobies, Peruvian pelicans, patillos and red-legged cormorant.[1]

In the highest part of the island is located an old lighthouse who served as guides of ships and steamers who frequented the beaches Callao port.[2] On the island is also seen a water passage that is known as the Catedral de las Islas Palomino.[3]

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