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Palos Heights School District 128 is a PK-8 Cook County, Illinois school district located in the southern village of Palos Heights; the district serves Palos Heights Proper and the majority of its neighboring unincorporated areas. All in all, the district is composed of four schools: Indian Hill Preschool, of which educates the prekindergarteners of the district, serves roughly 7% of the district students; Cathy Leslie serves as the director of the prekindergarten program at the facility.[1]Chippewa Elementary School, the most populous of the schools as of May 2008, educates District 128 students in grades one through three, and also runs a kindergarten program; it is under the direction of Mary Ann Redshaw.[2] Those in grades four through five attend Navajo Heights Elementary School, which bridges the gap between the elementary schools and the grades 6-8 Independence Junior High School; the principal of Navajo Heights Elementary School is Sharon Herman,[3] while the principal of Independence Junior High School is Dr. Paul McDermott.[4] The district superintendent is Dr. Kathleen Casey,[5] and the mascot of Independence Junior High School is the patriot.[4]

The administration of Independence Junior High School runs a program linked to its home page; this program is a page-long short story known as a "Five Minute Mystery" that students are meant to solve in an attempt to encourage the school's students to read more.[6]

Navajo Heights hosts a series of activities, including book clubs, a math team alternatively known as a Math Olympiad, a chorus, and a community service committee.[7] Additionally, the school presents the products of project assignments from the students of the two grades of which it serves.

Independence and Navajo Heights sport school bands.[8]


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