Palra (Gurgaon)

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Palra is a mid-sized Yadav-dominated village located in the district of Gurgaon in the state of Haryana in India. It has a population of about 2803 persons living in around 507 households.[1]

Palra is 14.76 km from its Mandal Main Town Sohna. Palra is located 8.679 km from its district main city Gurgaon. It is located 263 km from its state main city Chandigarh. It lies near 68, 70A and 77 sectors of Gurgaon.

Villages near Palra, with distance, are Teekli ( 1.492 km ), Darbaripur ( 1.965 km ), Aklimpur (1.492 km), Sakatpur ( 2.584 km ), Badshahpur ( 3.127 km ), Shikohpur ( 3.765 km ), Kherki Daula ( 4.467 km ), Bhondsi ( 4.974 km ).[2]

Palra made history when Anup Kumar a member of the Kabbaddi team won Gold medal winning in 2010 Asian Games,[3] later Palra village has been given Rs 51 lakh to Gram Panchayat (Village Head).[4]