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Palustris is a Latin word meaning "swampy" or "marshy". It is often used in taxonomy for species names typically in scientific names for animals and plants to refer to the typical habitat of the species.[1]



  • Acacia palustris, a tree or shrub belonging to the genus Acacia and the subgenus Juliflorae
  • Anacamptis palustris, a species of orchid
  • Angelica palustris, also known as marsh angelica, a biennial or a perennial plant species from the family Apiaceae
  • Brackenridgea palustris, a species of plant in the family Ochnaceae
  • Calectasia palustris, blue tinsel lily or swamp tinsel lily from south-west of Western Australia
  • Caltha palustris, marsh-marigold or kingcup, a plant species native to temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere
  • Chionanthus palustris, a tree from Borneo
  • Claytonia palustris, a wildflower species in the purslane family known by the common names Jonesville springbeauty and marsh claytonia
  • Coespeletia palustris, a wildflower native to the Andes
  • Dirca palustris, or eastern leatherwood, is a shrub, native to the eastern half of North America but uncommon
  • Eleocharis palustris, the common spike-rush, creeping spike-rush or marsh spike-rush, a plant species growing in wetlands throughout the Boreal Kingdom
  • Epipactis palustris, the marsh helleborine, an orchid species
  • Euphorbia palustris, (marsh spurge or marsh euphorbia) is a species of flowering plant, native to marshland of mainland Europe and western Asia
  • Hottonia palustris, (the water violet or featherfoil) of the family Primulaceae is an aquatic plant
  • Lathyrus palustris, a wild pea species known by the common name marsh pea, native to Europe, Asia, and North America.
  • Ludwigia palustris, a flowering plant species in the evening primrose family known by the common names marsh seedbox and water purslane
  • Pandanus palustris a species of plant in the family Pandanaceae. It is endemic to Mauritius
  • Parnassia palustris, commonly called marsh grass of Parnassus, northern grass-of-Parnassus, or just grass-of-Parnassus and bog-star
  • Persea palustris. a species of plant in the family Lauraceae
  • Pinus palustris, the longleaf pine from USA
  • Quercus palustris, the pin oak or swamp Spanish oak
  • Rorippa palustris, a flowering plant species in the mustard family known by the common names bog yellowcress and marsh cress
  • Rosa palustris, (swamp rose), a shrub in the rose family native to much of eastern North America
  • Rumex palustris (marsh dock) is a plant species of the genus Rumex
  • Sonchus palustris, (marsh sowthistle) is a plant native to temperate regions of the Europe, Russia, Central Asia, and western China
  • Stachys palustris, the marsh woundwort, an edible perennial grassland herb species
  • Stenochlaena palustris an edible medicinal fern species, used in the folk medicines of India and Malaysia
  • Tabernaemontana palustris, a tropical flowering plant species in the family Apocynaceae from northern South America
  • Terebralia palustris, the mangrove whelk, a species of brackish-water snail in the family Potamididae
  • Thelypteris palustris, the marsh fern, native to eastern North America and across Eurasia.
  • Triglochin palustris, marsh arrowgrass, a variety of arrowgrass found in damp grassland.
  • Viola palustris, (marsh violet or alpine marsh violet) is a perennial from northern parts of North America and Eurasia.
  • Zannichellia palustris, the horned pondweed, a plant found in fresh to brackish waters in the United States Europe, Asia, Australasia, and South America
  • Zizania palustris, (Northern wild rice) an annual plant, native to the Great Lakes region of North America, the aquatic areas of the boreal forest regions of Northern Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba in Canada and Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Idaho in the US

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