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Sharples in 2012.

Pamela Sharples, Baroness Sharples (born 11 February 1923 née Newall) is a British Conservative Party politician. She was elevated to the peerage after the assassination of her husband, Sir Richard Sharples, Governor of Bermuda.


Pamela Sharples was educated at Southover Manor School in Lewes, East Sussex.[1]

She married the then Major Sharples in 1946. They had two sons and two daughters.[1] She supported his career as a Member of Parliament. She accompanied him to Bermuda in 1972 when he was appointed Governor.[citation needed]

Sir Richard was shot on 10 March 1973 at the Governor's mansion in Pembroke, Bermuda by Erskine Burrows along with his aide-de-camp and his Great Dane.[citation needed] Sharples was created a life peer on 18 June 1973 as Baroness Sharples, of Chawton in the County of Hampshire.[2] The family left Bermuda and did not return for many years, although they did later return and purchased a house.[citation needed] She is a member of the Conservative Party.[3]

She remarried twice, first Patrick D. de Laszlo in 1977 (died 1980); then Robert Douglas Swan in 1983 (died 1995).[citation needed]

In 1995 Sharples became the sole owner of Nunswell Investments Limited, an offshore investment company in the Bahamas.[4] Sharples became a director of Nunswell in 2000, registered in the United Kingdom the same year, which as of 2016 paid taxes to the British government.[3]

In 2014, Sharples told The Daily Mail that she had to sell her home to pay death duties after it had been ruled that her husband was not killed in the line of duty.[3]

In April 2016, she was named in the Panama Papers, leaked documents related to offshore banking. Her law firm wrote that the House of Lords "has been notified of Baroness Sharples' oversight in registering her interest as a Director of Nunswell Investments Limited" and that she receives "no remuneration...nor any income or capital from that company." As of December 2015 her son has been a director and shareholder of the company, "not on a personal basis."[3]



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