Pamisos Messini

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Pamissos Messini
Πάμισος Μεσσήνης
Full name Pamissos Messini Gymnastic Football Club
Γυμναστικός Ποδοσφαιρικός Σύλλογος Πάμισος Μεσσήνης
Ground Messini
League Fourth Division
2011-12 Fourth Division (Group 6), 4th

The Pamissos Messini Gymnastic Football Club (Greek: Gymnastikos Podosfairikos Syllogos Pamisos Messini) is a football (soccer) club in Messini, Greece. It currently plays in the Fourth Division.


The club was founded in 1929 in Messini in Messinia and took the name from the Pamisos River which flows in the city. Its colors are green and white and its emblem is a flower.

In the entire direction, Pamissos played a championship role in the MFCA games and took part several times in the local championships and the Messinia Cup three times.

The team played for two seasons in the Third Division 1997-98 and 2004–05 and most times in the Fourth Division.

In 1969, the team made it into the Second Division and in the match tied with Panileiakos 1-2.


1986, 1994, 1996 , 2011


The players during the 2008-09 season includes:

  • Antoniou
  • Chronopoulos
  • Filopoulos
  • Aristeidhs
  • A Kalogeropoulos
  • I Katsipodas
  • N Katsipodas
  • Keranis
  • Kotsakis
  • Koutsopetros
  • Morakis
  • E Panagiotopoulos
  • Patsiotis
  • Tsamis