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Pampa may refer to:


  • The Pampas, plains in South America.
  • Pamba River, river in Kerala, India
  • Pampa Sarovar, a lake near Hampi, India, also mentioned in the Ramayana
  • Pampa, California, former name of Bena, California
  • PAMPA, parallel artificial membrane permeability assay
  • Pampa, Texas, town in Texas
  • Pampa, Washington, town in Washington state
  • In Finland-Swedish, the low-lying agricultural regions of Ostrobothnia are sometimes (somewhat disparagingly) called Pampas in contrast to the urban centres of Southern and Southwestern Finland


  • The province of La Pampa, located in the centre of the country (36°37'00"S 64° 16'60" W).
  • The municipality and village of La Pampa, in the province of Córdoba.
  • The town of Abra Pampa, Jujuy province.
  • The village of Mira Pampa, Buenos Aires province.
  • The town of Pampa Alta, Deseado Department, province of Santa Cruz.


  • Adikavi Pampa, 10th-century Kannada language poet, also known as Pampa.



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