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Pampas XV
PampasXV Logo.png
Full name Pampas XV
Union Argentine Rugby Union
Founded 2010
Disbanded 2015
Region Argentina
Coach(es) Martín Gaitán
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2nd kit
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Pampas XV was an Argentine rugby union team that was based in South Africa when they participated in the South African second domestic competition, the Vodacom Cup between 2010 and 2013.[1] The team was established in 2010 and was composed almost entirely by members of the High Performance Plan of the UAR. It was an unofficial third national team, below the Pumas and Jaguars,[2] although it has been described as the second team as well.[3]

In November 2013, Pampas XV withdrew from the Vodacom Cup thus not competing in the 2014 Vodacom Cup competition due to financial considerations.[4] However, in December 2013, it was announced that the Argentine third team would join the Pacific Rugby Cup, where they would face the likes of Fiji Warriors, Samoa A, Tonga A, Junior Japan plus Australian Super Rugby Academy Teams.[5]

Vodacom Cup[edit]

The team played in the Southern Section of the Vodacom Cup. In 2010, these teams had to play against other teams in the Southern Section, so the Pampas XV were based in the Stellenbosch area. However, in 2011 all the teams in the Southern Section had to play against teams in the Northern Section, so they relocated to Olën Park, Potchefstroom. They played their home mtaches during the 2012 and 2013 competitions at the A.F. Markötter Stadium at Paul Roos Gymnasium in Stellenbosch.


2010 season[edit]

The Pampas XV were based in Stellenbosch for their first season, their first season was average though, winning 3 matches and losing as many whilst drawing one match. They finished fifth in their conference and failed to qualify for the knockout rounds.

2011 season[edit]

For the Pampas XV's second season, they moved to Potchefstroom. The Pampas XV went through the season undefeated and won the Vodacom Cup. They passed 40 points in 5 of their 11 matches. Juan Imhoff finished the season as the tournament's top try scorer.

Pacific Rugby Cup[edit]

In December 2013, under new coach Martín Gaitán who had taken over from Daniel Hourcade, it was announced that the Argentine third team would join the Pacific Rugby Cup, where they would face the likes of Fiji Warriors, Samoa A, Tonga A, Junior Japan and Australian Super Rugby academy teams.[5] The Pampas XV won the 2014 Pacific Rugby Cup and was undefeated in all matches.[6]

World Rugby Pacific Challenge[edit]

The Pampas XV won the 2015 World Rugby Pacific Challenge and was undefeated in all matches.


Current squad[edit]

Note: Bold denotes players who are internationally capped.

Previous squads[edit]

Players signed by professional clubs[edit]

The Pampas XV is seen as a stepping stone for Argentina-based Argentine players to be signed by professional clubs in Europe. Several players have been noticed playing for the Pampas XV and then gone on to find professional teams:




To the Jaguares:

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