Pampeloponnisiako Stadium

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Pampeloponnisiako Stadium
Pampeloponisiako Olympic Stadium(1).jpg
Full name Pampeloponnisiako Stadium
Former names National Stadium of Patras
Location Greece Patras, Greece
Owner Public Real Estate Company S.A. (state-owned)
Operator Municipality of Patras
Capacity 23,588
Surface Grass
Scoreboard Yes
Built 1981
Opened 1981
Renovated 2004
Construction cost 30,000,000 € (Renovation 2004)
Architect Grammatopoulos-Panousakis and associates

Pampeloponnisiako Stadium (Greek: Παμπελοποννησιακό Στάδιο, "All-Peloponnese Stadium") is a stadium located in Patras, Greece. The stadium was originally built 1981 as Ethniko Stadio Patron (Εθνικό Στάδιο Πατρών, "National Stadium of Patras").

In 2002, reconstruction works began and it reopened on 8 August 2004, just in time to host football (soccer) matches for the 2004 Summer Olympics.[1] The stadium seats 23,588, though only 18,900 seats were publicly available for the Olympic matches.

It is owned by the Public Real Estate Company S.A., a state-owned company, and it is operated by the Municipality of Patras.[2]


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Coordinates: 38°13′18.50″N 21°45′07.88″E / 38.2218056°N 21.7521889°E / 38.2218056; 21.7521889