Pan-American Team Handball Federation

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Pan-American Team Handball Federation (PATHF)
PATHF logo
Type Sport federation
34 Members
Official language
English, Portuguese and Spanish
Mr. Mario Moccia Argentina

The Pan-American Team Handball Federation, often referred to by the acronym PATHF, is the administrative and controlling body of the national handball associations of Northern, Central and South America and Caribbean.

PATHF Presidents[edit]

S. No. Name Country Tenure
1. Dr. Peter Paul Buehning, Jr.  United States 1997-1980
2. Dr. Walter Schwedhelm  Mexico 1980 - 1984
3. Mr. Andy Meszey  Canada 1984 - 1987
4. Dr. Peter Paul Buehning Jr.  United States 1987 - 1996
5. Mr. Rubén Gómez  Uruguay 1996 (Interim President)
6. Mr. Manoel Luiz Oliveira  Brazil 1996 - 2012
7. Mr. Mario Moccia  Argentina 2012 - Till date

PATHF Executive Committee[edit]

Following is the PATHF Executive Committee.

Designation Name
President Mr. Mario Moccia Argentina
1st Vice President Mr. Julio Noveri Uruguay
2nd Vice President Mr. Rafael Sepúlveda Puerto Rico
Secretary General Mr. Héctor Fernández Chile
Treasurer Mr. Carlos Ferrea Argentina

PATHF Commissions[edit]

Commission Chairman
PATHF Commission of Organizing and Competitions Mr. Carlos González Aldea Cuba
PATHF Playing Rules and Referee Commission Mr. Salvio Sedrez Brazil
PATHF Commission for Development Mr. Rafael Sepúlveda Puerto Rico
PATHF Commission of Coaching and Methods Mr. Mohamed Ben Kreira Canada
PATHF Medical Commission Dr. Llew Harper Barbados
PATHF Marketing Commission Mr. Gabriel Klein Argentina
PATHF Appeals Tribunal Mr. Héctor Fernández Bogdanic Chile
PATHF Juridical Commission Mr. Héctor Fernández Bogdanic Chile
PATHF Beach Handball Commission Mr. Luiz Filippe Caldas Brazil
PATHF Wheelchair Handball Commission Mr. Germán Bonnemezón Argentina




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