Pan Am Flight 292

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Pan Am Flight 292
Boeing 707-321B, Pan American World Airways - Pan Am AN1082120.jpg
A Pan Am Boeing 707, similar to the aircraft involved in the accident
Date 17 September 1965
Summary Pilot error, controlled flight into terrain
Site Chances Peak, Montserrat
Aircraft type Boeing 707-121B
Aircraft name Clipper Constitution
Operator Pan American World Airways
Registration N708PA
Flight origin Fort-de-France - Le Lamentin Airport, Martinique
1st stopover Coolidge International Airport, St. John's, Antigua and Barbuda
Last stopover San Juan, Puerto Rico
Destination New York City
Passengers 21
Crew 9
Fatalities 30
Survivors 0

Pan Am Flight 292 was operated by a Boeing 707-120B that flew into Chances Peak on the island of Montserrat on 17 September 1965 while on a flight from Fort-de-France - Le Lamentin Airport in Martinique to Coolidge International Airport in Antigua and Barbuda. The aircraft was destroyed, there were no survivors among the 30 passengers and crew on board.


The aircraft, bearing the registration N708PA and named Clipper Constitution by its owner Pan American World Airways (Pan Am),[1] was the first Boeing 707 built that had made the first flight of the type on 20 December 1957. It had been used by Boeing on test flights prior to delivery to Pan Am in November the following year.[2][3]


The aircraft departed Fort-de-France's Le Lamentin Airport on a scheduled flight to New York City via St. John's, Antigua and Barbuda and San Juan, Puerto Rico.[4] There were 21 passengers and a crew of nine on board.[5] While on approach to Coolidge International Airport in stormy weather, at an altitude of 2,760 ft (841 m), the aircraft hit the 3,002 ft (915 m)-high Chances Peak and caught fire.[1][5] The cause was determined to be pilot error: the crew made a navigational error and descended below the safe minimum altitude while unsure of their position.[5]


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Coordinates: 16°42′40″N 62°10′38″W / 16.711111°N 62.177222°W / 16.711111; -62.177222(approximate location)