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Pan American Judo Championships is the Judo Championship organized by the Panamerican Judo Confederation since 2009. Previous championships were organized by the Panamerican Judo Union.


Panamerican Judo Union
Year Location Report
1952 Havana, Cuba Result
1956 Havana, Cuba Result
1958 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Result
1960 Mexico City, Mexico Result
1965 Guatemala City, Guatemala Result
1968 San Juan, Puerto Rico Result
1970 London, Brazil Result
1972 Buenos Aires, Argentina Result
1974 Panama City, Panama Result
1976 Maracaibo, Venezuela Result
1978 Buenos Aires, Argentina Result
1980 Isla Margarita, Venezuela Result
1982 Santiago, Chile Result
1984 Mexico City, Mexico Result
1985 Havana, Cuba Result
1986 Salinas, Puerto Rico Result
1988 Buenos Aires, Argentina Result
1990 Caracas, Venezuela Result
1992 Hamilton, Canada Result
1994 Santiago, Chile Result
1996 San Juan, Puerto Rico Result
1997 Guadalajara, Mexico Result
1998 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Result
1999 Montevideo, Uruguay Result
2000 Orlando, United States Result
2001 Córdoba, Argentina Result
2002 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Result
2003 Salvador, Brazil Result
2004 Isla Margarita, Venezuela Result
2005 Caguas, Puerto Rico Result
2006 Buenos Aires, Argentina Result
2007 Montreal, Canada Result
2008 Miami, United States Result
2009 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic[1] Result
Panamerican Judo Confederation
Year Location Results
2009 Buenos Aires, Argentina Result
2010 San Salvador, El Salvador Result
2011 Guadalajara, Mexico Result
2012 Montreal, Canada Result
2013 San José, Costa Rica Result
2014 Guayaquil, Ecuador Result
2015 Edmonton, Canada[2] Result
2016 Havana, Cuba Result
2017 Panama City, Panama Result
2018 San José, Costa Rica Result
2019 Lima, Peru Result

Medal table (1952–2017)[edit]

1 Brazil (BRA)181125157463
2 Cuba (CUB)1567293321
3 United States (USA)6068144272
4 Canada (CAN)5287119258
5 Venezuela (VEN)363391160
6 Argentina (ARG)295699184
7 Colombia (COL)10133154
8 Ecuador (ECU)9164166
9 Puerto Rico (PUR)8164165
10 Dominican Republic (DOM)7165578
11 Mexico (MEX)6255990
12 Chile (CHI)332430
13 El Salvador (ESA)22812
14 Haiti (HAI)04913
15 Guatemala (GUA)0246
16 Peru (PER)011112
17 Uruguay (URU)0088
18International Judo Federation0022
 Panama (PAN)0022
20 Costa Rica (CRC)0011
 Honduras (HON)0011
 Nicaragua (NIC)0011
 Paraguay (PAR)0011
Totals (23 nations)55953910022100


  1. ^ unofficial championships by IJF
  2. ^ Judo Canada President's newsletter

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