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Pan Samochodzik (Polish for Mister Automobile, also known as Tomasz N.N.) is a fictional art historian, journalist, renowned adventurer and historical detective created by Polish writer Zbigniew Nienacki. He is a main character in a series of adventures centering on historical mysteries and treasures. As a museum and government employee, Pan Samochodzik not only has to discover treasures, but protect them from thieves. His nickname comes from his fantastic (heavily customized) automobile.


Pan Samochodzik[edit]

Pan Samochodzik, a.k.a. Tomasz N.N., is an employee of the fictional "Department of Artifact Protection" in the Polish Ministry of Culture and Art. He is a special envoy with extensive knowledge in the areas of history, riddle-solving, finding treasures and protecting them from thieves. As such, he is sometimes called a Polish version of Robert Langdon, Dirk Pitt or Indiana Jones. He is also a chain smoker.

His nickname, Pan Samochodzik (Polish for "Mr. Automobile"; French (this version also appeared in one of the books): "Monsieur La Bangnolette"), comes from his unique vehicle: a heavily modified by his uncle Ferrari 410 SuperAmerica (a wreck after a serious car crash on the way to Zakopane; the only thing that remained functional was the engine - Mr Automobile's uncle bought it and installed in his self-constructed vehicle). The car can reach a very high speed and is capable of traversing water and difficult terrain. Many people perceived this vehicle as ugly because of its dubledore-like design.

His other name, Tomasz N.N., comes from the author's real name, Zbigniew Tomasz Nowicki, the second "N" representing his adopted surname, Nienacki.


Pan Samochodzik is sometimes accompanied by youngsters — often Polish Boy Scouts.

Novels written by authors other than Nienacki also feature Paweł Daniec, a young art historian, ex-commando and sidekick of Samochodzik.


Pan Samochodzik's nemesis is Waldemar Batura, former art historian, smuggler and thief.

Novels written by authors other than Nienacki feature Jerzy Batura, new villain, son and successor of Waldemar.


Original Nienacki novels[edit]

Note: The dates of the following novels may be inaccurate, as some of them may have been published in a different order than they were written.

In the first three novels (Pozwolenie na przywóz lwa, 'Skarb Atanaryka and Uroczysko), Pan Samochodzik is a journalist, not a government employee. In the 1990s, Nienacki rewrote those three books so they would be consistent with the series. The books were released by various publishers, and it was not until 1987 that a single publisher (Pojezierze) decided to rerelease the series in one graphical design.

  1. Pozwolenie na przywóz lwaPermit for the transport of a lion (new title: Pierwsza przygoda Pana SamochodzikaFirst Adventure of Pan Samochodzik) (1961)
  2. Skarb AtanarykaThe Treasure of Athanaric (new title: Pan Samochodzik i skarb AtanarykaPan Samochodzik and the Treasure of Athanaric) (1960)
  3. UroczyskoSacred place (new title: Pan Samochodzik i święty relikwiarzPan Samochodzik and the Holy Reliquary) (1957)
  4. Wyspa ZłoczyńcówThe Island of Villains (new title: Pan Samochodzik i Wyspa ZłoczyńcówPan Samochodzik and the Island of Villains) (1964)
  5. Pan Samochodzik i templariuszePan samochodzik and the Knights Templar (1966)
  6. Niesamowity dwórUnearthly Mansion (new title: Pan Samochodzik i niesamowity dwórPan Samochodzik and the Unearthly Mansion) (1970)
  7. Nowe przygody Pana SamochodzikaNew Adventures of Pan Samochodzik (new title: Pan Samochodzik i Kapitan NemoPan Samochodzik and Captain Nemo) (1970)
  8. Pan Samochodzik i FantomasPan Samochodzik and Fantômas (1973)
  9. Pan Samochodzik i zagadki FromborkaPan Samochodzik and the Riddles of Frombork (1972)
  10. Księga strachówThe Book of Fear (new title: Pan Samochodzik i dziwne szachownicePan Samochodzik and Strange Checkerboards) (1967)
  11. Pan Samochodzik i tajemnica tajemnicPan Samochodzik and the Secret of Secrets (1975)
  12. Pan Samochodzik i WinnetouPan Samochodzik and Winnetou (1976)
  13. Pan Samochodzik i NiewidzialniPan Samochodzik and the Invisible (1977)
  14. Pan Samochodzik i złota rękawicaPan Samochodzik and the Golden Gauntlet (1979)
  15. Pan Samochodzik i człowiek z UFOPan Samochodzik and the Man from UFO (new title: Pan Samochodzik i NieśmiertelnyPan Samochodzik and the Immortal) (1985)

Nienacki novels completed by Jerzy Ignaciuk[edit]

  1. Pan Samochodzik i nieuchwytny kolekcjoner (1997) (Only partially written, completed by Jerzy Ignaciuk)
  2. Pan Samochodzik i... Testament rycerza Jędrzeja (1997) (re-written by Jerzy Ignaciuk, originally unconnected with Pan Samochodzik cycle and named Zabójstwo Herakliusza Pronobisa)

Novels by other authors[edit]

After Nienacki's death in 1994, his publishers (Warmia) received permission from his estate to continue the series. The new novels take place in post-communist Poland, introduce two new main characters (the sidekick Paweł Daniec and villain Jerzy Batura), and in the newest book, replace the old vehicle with a new, jeep-based, variant.

  1. Pan Samochodzik i... Kindżał Hasan-Beja, by Jerzy Szumski (1997)
  2. Pan Samochodzik i... Bursztynowa Komnata (2 parts), by Jerzy Szumski (1998)
  3. Pan Samochodzik i... Złoto Inków (2 parts), by Jerzy Szumski (1999)
  4. Pan Samochodzik i... Arka Noego, by Andrzej Pilipiuk (under the pen name Tomasz Olszakowski) (1999)
  5. Pan Samochodzik i... Rubinowa tiara, by Andrzej Pilipiuk (under the pen name Tomasz Olszakowski) (1999)
  6. Pan Samochodzik i... Twierdza Boyen, by Sebastian Miernicki (1999)
  7. Pan Samochodzik i... Floreny z Zalewa, by Jerzy Szumski (2000)
  8. Pan Samochodzik i... Tajemnice warszawskich fortów, by Andrzej Pilipiuk (under the pen name Tomasz Olszakowski) (2000)
  9. Pan Samochodzik i... Skarby Wikingów (2 parts), by Arkadiusz Niemirski (2000)
  10. Pan Samochodzik i... Zaginiony pociąg, by Tomasz Olszakowski (2000)
  11. Pan Samochodzik i... Skarb generała Samsonowa (2 parts), by Sebastian Miernicki (2000)
  12. Pan Samochodzik i... Sekret alchemika Sędziwoja, by Andrzej Pilipiuk (under the pen name Tomasz Olszakowski) (2001)
  13. Pan Samochodzik i... Kaukaski Wilk, by Sebastian Miernicki (2001)
  14. Pan Samochodzik i... Arsen Lupin (2 parts), by Arkadiusz Niemirski (2001)
  15. Pan Samochodzik i... Zaginione poselstwo, by Andrzej Pilipiuk (under the pen name Tomasz Olszakowski) (2001)
  16. Pan Samochodzik i... Skrytka Tryzuba, by Sebastian Miernicki (2001)
  17. Pan Samochodzik i... Łup barona Ungerna by Andrzej Pilipiuk (under the pen name Tomasz Olszakowski) (2001)
  18. Pan Samochodzik i... Amerykańska przygoda, by Arkadiusz Niemirski (2002)
  19. Pan Samochodzik i... Europejska przygoda, by Arkadiusz Niemirski (2002)
  20. Pan Samochodzik i... Zagubione miasto, by Andrzej Pilipiuk (under the pen name Tomasz Olszakowski) (2002)
  21. Pan Samochodzik i... Wilhelm Gustloff, by Sebastian Miernicki (2002)
  22. Pan Samochodzik i... Przemytnicy, by Arkadiusz Niemirski (2002)
  23. Pan Samochodzik i... Wynalazek inżyniera Rychnowskiego, by Andrzej Pilipiuk (under the pen name Tomasz Olszakowski) (2002)
  24. Pan Samochodzik i... Potomek szwedzkiego admirała, by Andrzej Pilipiuk (under the pen name Tomasz Olszakowski) (2002)
  25. Pan Samochodzik i... Operacja Królewiec, by Sebastian Miernicki, (2002)
  26. Pan Samochodzik i... Ikona z Warszawy, by Andrzej Pilipiuk (under the pen name Tomasz Olszakowski) (2002)
  27. Pan Samochodzik i... Buzdygan hetmana Mazepy, by Sebastian Miernicki (2002)
  28. Pan Samochodzik i... Czarny książę, by Andrzej Pilipiuk (under the pen name Tomasz Olszakowski) (2002)
  29. Pan Samochodzik i... Fałszerze, by Arkadiusz Niemirski (2002)
  30. Pan Samochodzik i... Bractwa rycerskie, by Sebastian Miernicki (2002)
  31. Pan Samochodzik i... Więzień Jasnej Góry, by Andrzej Pilipiuk (under the pen name Tomasz Olszakowski) (2003)
  32. Pan Samochodzik i... Zagadka kaszubskiego rodu, by Arkadiusz Niemirski (2003)
  33. Pan Samochodzik i... Pruska korona, by Sebastian Miernicki (2003)
  34. Pan Samochodzik i... Brązowy notes, by Andrzej Pilipiuk (under the pen name Tomasz Olszakowski) (2003)
  35. Pan Samochodzik i... Krzyż lotaryński, by Arkadiusz Niemirski (2003)
  36. Pan Samochodzik i... Szaman, by Sebastian Miernicki (2003)
  37. Pan Samochodzik i... Gocki książę, by Sebastian Miernicki (2003)
  38. Pan Samochodzik i... Stara księga, by Arkadiusz Niemirski (2003)
  39. Pan Samochodzik i... Relikwia krzyżowca, by Sebastian Miernicki (2003)
  40. Pan Samochodzik i... Adam z Wągrowca, by Andrzej Pilipiuk (under the pen name Tomasz Olszakowski) (2003)
  41. Pan Samochodzik i... Złoty Bafomet, by Arkadiusz Niemirski (2003)
  42. Pan Samochodzik i... Baszta Nietoperzy, by Jacek Mróz (2003)
  43. Pan Samochodzik i... Rodzinny talizman, by Józef Burny (2003)
  44. Pan Samochodzik i... Pasażer Von Steubena, by Sebastian Miernicki (2003)
  45. Pan Samochodzik i... Zakładnicy, by Arkadiusz Niemirski (2004)
  46. Pan Samochodzik i... Zamek Czocha, by Sebastian Miernicki (2004)
  47. Pan Samochodzik i... Mumia egipska, by Andrzej Pilipiuk (under the pen name Tomasz Olszakowski) (2004)
  48. Pan Samochodzik i... Diable wiano, by Andrzej Pilipiuk (under the pen name Tomasz Olszakowski) (2004)
  49. Pan Samochodzik i... Joannici, by Sebastian Miernicki (2004)
  50. Pan Samochodzik i... Kradzież w Nieporęcie, by Arkadiusz Niemirski (2004)
  51. Pan Samochodzik i... Królewska baletnica, by Sebastian Miernicki
  52. Pan Samochodzik i... Relikwiarz świętego Olafa, by Andrzej Pilipiuk (under the pen name Tomasz Olszakowski)
  53. Pan Samochodzik i... Strachowisko, by Józef Burny
  54. Pan Samochodzik i... Rękopis z Poznania, by Jacek Mróz
  55. Pan Samochodzik i... Włamywacze, by Arkadiusz Niemirski
  56. Pan Samochodzik i... Siódmy wojownik, by Sebastian Miernicki
  57. Pan Samochodzik i... Sztolnia "Hexe", by Sebastian Miernicki
  58. Pan Samochodzik i... Wawelskie regalia, by Krzysztof Zagórski
  59. Pan Samochodzik i... Projekt "Chronos"., by Arkadiusz Niemirski
  60. Pan Samochodzik i... Perły księżnej Daisy, by Iga Karst
  61. Pan Samochodzik i... Zamek w Chęcinach, by Andrzej Pilipiuk (under the pen name Tomasz Olszakowski)
  62. Pan Samochodzik i... Przesyłka z Petersburga, by Sebastian Miernicki
  63. Pan Samochodzik i... Szyfr profesora Kraka, by Sebastian Miernicki
  64. Pan Samochodzik i... święty Graal, by Arkadiusz Niemirski
  65. Pan Samochodzik i... Listy Mikołaja Kopernika, by Sebastian Miernicki
  66. Pan Samochodzik i... Atlantyda, by Arkadiusz Niemirski
  67. Pan Samochodzik i... Zamek w Malborku, by Sebastian Miernicki
  68. Pan Samochodzik i... Knyszyńskie klejnoty, by Krzysztof Zagórski
  69. Pan Samochodzik i... Wyspa Sobieszewska, by Sebastian Miernicki
  70. Pan Samochodzik i... Podziemia Wrocławia, by Iga Karst
  71. Pan Samochodzik i... Truso, by Maciek Horn
  72. Pan Samochodzik i... "Lalka", by Jakub Czarny
  73. Pan Samochodzik i... Janosik, by Sebastian Miernicki
  74. Pan Samochodzik i... Zamek w Baranowie Sandomierskim, by Sebastian Miernicki
  75. Pan Samochodzik i... Zamek w Rynie, by Sebastian Miernicki
  76. Pan Samochodzik i... Pałac Kultury i Sztuki, by Jakub Czarny
  77. Pan Samochodzik i... El Greco, by Jakub Czarny
  78. Pan Samochodzik i... Wyklęci mistrzowie, by Jakub Czarny
  79. Pan Samochodzik i... Eldorado, by Iga Karst
  80. Pan Samochodzik i... Toruńska tajemnica, by Marek Żelech
  81. Pan Samochodzik i... Castrum Doloris, by Jakub Czarny
  82. Pan Samochodzik i... Płonący miecz, by Jakub Czarny

Pan Samochodzik in other media[edit]


  • Wyspa Złoczyńców (1965, directed by Stanisław Jędryka), based on Wyspa Złoczyńców
  • Pan Samochodzik i niesamowity dwór (1986, directed by Janusz Kidawa), based on Niesamowity dwór
  • Pan Samochodzik i praskie tajemnice (1988 directed by Kazimierz Tarnas), based on Pan Samochodzik i tajemnica tajemnic
  • Latające machiny kontra Pan Samochodzik (1991, directed by Janusz Kidawa), based on Pan Samochodzik i złota rękawica



Pan Samochodzik has crossovers with Jakub Wędrowycz and protagonists of Kuzynki series, both written by Andrzej Pilipiuk.

Pan Samochodzik cycle writers[edit]

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