Pan de Guajaibón

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Pan de Guajaibón
Pan de Guajaibón (4).jpg
Highest point
Elevation699 m (2,293 ft) Edit this on Wikidata
Prominence699 m (2,293 ft)
Coordinates22°47′20″N 83°21′52″W / 22.78889°N 83.36444°W / 22.78889; -83.36444Coordinates: 22°47′20″N 83°21′52″W / 22.78889°N 83.36444°W / 22.78889; -83.36444
Pan de Guajaibón is located in Cuba
Pan de Guajaibón
Pan de Guajaibón
Guaniguanico range, western Cuba
Parent rangeGuaniguanico

Pan de Guajaibón is a mountain in the Guaniguanico range of western Cuba. It has two peaks, the highest of which is 699 metres above sea level.[1] It is the highest mountain in the Guaniguanico range.[2]

A bust of Antonio Maceo Grajales is situated at the top of the mountain.[3][4]

There are also cave systems at the mountain which contain archeological artifacts.[4]


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