Pan de Peace!

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Pan de Peace!
Cover of the first volume featuring Minami Tani
(Pan de Pīsu)
Written by Emily
Published by Media Factory
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Comic Cune
Original run August 27, 2014 – present
Volumes 2
Anime television series
Directed by Hatsuki Tsuji
Produced by Matsuhashi Atsuitari
Written by Momoko Murakami
Music by Takaaki Nakahashi
Studio Asahi Production
Original network Animax, Tokyo MX
Original run April 4, 2016 June 27, 2016
Episodes 13
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Pan de Peace! (パンでPeace!, Pan de Pīsu, lit. "Peace Through Bread!") is a Japanese four-panel manga series by Emily. It has been serialized since August 2014 in Media Factory's seinen manga magazine Comic Cune, which was originally a magazine supplement in the seinen manga magazine Monthly Comic Alive until August 2015. It has been collected in two tankōbon volumes. An anime television series adaptation by Asahi Production aired in Japan between April 4 and June 27, 2016.


Minami Tani (谷 みなみ, Tani Minami)
Voiced by: Ibuki Kido[1]
The main protagonist of the story. She is outgoing, happy, and is extremely fond of egg sandwiches.
Yū Aizawa (逢沢 ゆう, Aizawa Yū)
Voiced by: Erii Yamazaki[1]
A fellow student and friend of Minami. She is shy and likes to draw (but is very insecure about showing off her work). The first friend Minami made at school after admiring Yū's bread keychains on her bag. She likes curry bread.
Fuyumi Fukagawa (深川 ふゆみ, Fukagawa Fuyumi)
Voiced by: Moe Toyota[1]
A fellow student and friend of Minami. Her family owns a bakery called "Fuwa Fuyu" (Fluffy Winter).
Noa Sakura (佐倉 のあ, Sakura Noa)
Voiced by: Nichika Omori[1]
A fellow student and friend of Minami. Her favorite kind of bread are baguettes, which she occasionally uses as weapon to defend herself from physical contact. She is often mistaken to be a grade schooler, due to her petite body and young looks, despite being the same age as her friends.
Ami Sakura (佐倉 あみ, Sakura Ami)
Voiced by: Natsuko Hara
Noa's little sister.
Mai Kawai (河合 まい, Kawai Mai)
Voiced by: Madoka Asahina
A girl who works at the Guillame French Bakery and befriends Noa.
Mana Kawai (河合 まな, Kawai Mana)
Mai's older sister.



Pan de Peace! is a four-panel manga series by Emily (styled as "emily"), a Japanese manga artist who mainly draws adult comics. It began serialization in Comic Cune's October 2014 issue released on August 27, 2014; At first, Comic Cune was a "magazine in magazine" placed in Monthly Comic Alive,[2] later it became independent of Comic Alive and changed to a formal magazine on August 27, 2015.[3][4] Pan de Peace! is also available on Kadokawa Corporation's ComicWalker website. Two tankōbon volumes of the manga were released between August 27, 2015 and March 26, 2016.[5][6]


An anime television series produced by Asahi Production aired in Japan between April 4, 2016 and June 27, 2016.[7][8] Hatsuki Tsuji directed the series at Asahi Production. Momoko Murakami is in charge of series composition, and Shizue Kaneko designed the characters. It was simulcast by Crunchyroll.[9] The opening theme is "Seishun wa Tabemono desu" (青春は食べ物です, Youth is Food) by Petit Milady.[10]

Episode list[edit]

No. Title[11] Original airdate
1 "I Made Bread Buddies"
"Pan-tomo ga Dekimashita" (パン友ができました) 
April 4, 2016
On her first day of school, Minami Tani, a girl who is obsessed with bread, befriends her classmates Yuu Aizawa and Fuyumi Fukagawa. 
2 "This is a Weapon"
"Kore wa Buki" (これは武器) 
April 11, 2016
Fuyumi introduces her friend, Noa Sakura, who looks and acts childlike despite being the same age. 
3 "Fuwa Fuyu Bakery"
"Fuwa Fuyu Bēkarī" (ふわふゆベーカリー) 
April 18, 2016
The girls visit Fuyumi's family bakery, where they try some of their special breads before trying their hand at baking their own. 
4 "In Pursuit of the Fabled Bread"
"Maboroshi no Pan o Motomete" (幻のパンを求めて) 
April 25, 2016
The girls go to the school store to try and obtain a limited ciabatta sandwich. 
5 "Yuu-chan's Dream"
"Yū-chan no Yume" (ゆうちゃんの夢) 
May 2, 2016
Yuu talks about her dreams of becoming a manga artist. 
6 "Fuyumi-chan's Diet"
"Fuyumi-chan Daietto" (ふゆみちゃんダイエット) 
May 9, 2016
The girls try to help Fuyumi lose weight by making miniature melon pan
7 "The Sick Noa-chan!"
"Kazehiki! Noa-chan" (風邪ひき!のあちゃん) 
May 16, 2016
The girls visit Noa, who is sick with a cold, and meet her little sister Ami. 
8 "The New Bakery"
"Atarashī Pan'ya-san" (新しいパン屋さん) 
May 23, 2016
Noa visits the Guillame French bakery, where she befriends a girl named Mai Kawai, prompting some jealousy from Fuyumi. 
9 "The Cultural Festival"
"Bunkasai" (文化祭) 
May 30, 2016
The girls hold a maid café at their school's culture festival, where Mai pays a visit. 
10 "Intriguing Girl"
"Kininaru Hito" (気になる人) 
June 6, 2016
Mai visits the FuwaFuyu bakery, where she and Fuyumi find some common interests. 
11 "Let's Swim"
"Rettsu Suimingu" (レッツスイミング) 
June 13, 2016
The girls go to the pool to teach Noa and Yuu how to swim, unaware that Mai can't swim either. 
12 "Slumber Party at the Vacation Home"
"Bessō de Otomarikai" (別荘でお泊まり会) 
June 20, 2016
The girls are invited to stay over at Mai's vacation home. 
13 "Pan de Peace!"
"Pan de Pīsu!" (パンでPeace!) 
June 27, 2016
The girls recall all the memories they made thanks to their love of bread. 


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