Pana Wina Island

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Panawina Island
Nickname: Kaluma Island
Calvados Chain (Landsat).JPG
Satellite image
Panawina Island is located in Papua New Guinea
Panawina Island
Panawina Island
Coordinates11°10′S 153°00′E / 11.167°S 153.000°E / -11.167; 153.000Coordinates: 11°10′S 153°00′E / 11.167°S 153.000°E / -11.167; 153.000[1]
ArchipelagoLouisiade Archipelago
Adjacent bodies of waterSolomon Sea
Total islands1
Major islands
  • Panawina
Area30.55 km2 (11.80 sq mi)
Highest elevation288 m (945 ft)
Highest pointMount Kaluma
Province Milne Bay
DistrictSamarai-Murua District
LLG [2]Louisiade Rural LLG
Island GroupCalvados Chain
Largest settlementBomalou (pop. 300)
Population456 (2014)
Pop. density15 /km2 (39 /sq mi)
Ethnic groupsPapauans, Austronesians, Melanesians.
Additional information
Time zone

Pana Wina Island is an island of Papua New Guinea. It is part of the Calvados Chain, a grouping of islands within the Louisiade Archipelago. Pana Wina is the largest island in the Calvados Chain, and lies near the eastern end of the chain, just west of Hemenahei Island.[3] The very small Yakimoan Island lies just west of Pana Wina. The capital village of the Calvados Chain, where the ward's school is located, Bomalou, with a population of just over 300, lies on the western shore of the island.


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